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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Dr. Shiboubou Today in Vegas Live - From Jackpots to "We might have to eat Lucky the Penguin'

Sometimes a few pictures are all you need to get the vibe of what happened on a particular day in Las Vegas.

For example, we start out with this nice little hit by Dr. Raoul, my Penguin Ranching cousin.

$300 for the team!

Uh ohhhhhhh....

Hey, I recognize buffet-stolen cream cheese and crackers (aka lunch).

For dinner, we have a fine selection of Emergency Nuts, Punishment Cheese, Squeeze-n-eat Real Mayo Space Food Snax, Heinz Tomato Soup Mix, and Mustard, which isn't good for much on its own. I prefer my mustard courageous anyway, not that Yellow Mustard.

I have a feeling the Dr. is staying in tonight and enjoying his Punishment Cheese and some engaging Shopping Channel highlights.

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