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Monday, September 17, 2018

Best Casino Name Ever

Day 9 - Sunday - continued

My Keno magic has disappeared - I win something like $3 on a $39 ticket. Slowly but surely, the Keno pit is raking back my winnings. If only there was some way to stop them!

I try a parlay using the Strict Rules of Parlay, and get a quad on quarters, and then at 50 cents.

I have $150. I decide it's time to really take a flyer, and funnel it all into 50 cent Boner Deluxe, thinking a quad run could make me some real money. This is the first time in the trip I commit a decent amount of money at a higher denom at video poker. About 25 times I get dealt three of a kind but can't close to get a single damn quad. All I need is one and I'll add $200 to the meter. It's a struggle and in the end, futile. But I get to push the buttons for a while.

I find myself frustrated. Some other things happen that completely piss me off, but there's no point in discussing them here. The smart thing, I decide, is to drink heavily in my room until I can enjoy myself again.

After a couple of hours of fussing, I finally go down for my nap. I'm a bit bloaty and gassy too. But I don't spit up, so there's that.

Feeling better, I have a round of blackjack. The shift manager who had checked the keno win is around and has the best casino name ever - Chip Cheatham.

From Chip, I found out a couple of interesting things. He'd been called in from home to verify the keno numbers. There were four people who won significant jackpots on that particular game, including one of $4K.

My play is cautious and I bail from the table in time to preserve a $50 win - I'm hungry anyway and I have some bidness with my host - mail call. I deliver, and next thing I know, I have a comp to Redwood Steakhouse. (Not the one in Medicine Hat, but the one in the California Hotel and Casino.) It's a good working relationship.

There are some tables in the bar, so I opt for that and order the BLT Wedge Salad, and a medium rare New York Steak. The salad is amazing! I had no idea - it's the first time I've had it.

The steak is cooked perfectly, and I do it justice, leaving not a sinew, not a fiber, not a bit of flesh nor a hoof behind. I shouldn't kid, I love the Redwood, and the steak is just perfect - hot, juicy, delicious.

The Treasure Chest machine I played the day before (the beer and Facetime one) seemed like something to try and damned if I don't have the same kind of luck again! I play and play and play.

Early on, someone spots me and comes over - it's Texas Steph. I tell her that I have a lucky machine. She plunks down beside me and plays a twenty, but unfortunately it's all drain for her machine. It's nice to have a good chat and some company, though, and she gets to witness me playing for an hour without going bust and without any quads.

Towards the end of the session is when they start banging, and when it's done I have played for almost two hours and cash $80 profit. In quarters. In a bucket.

It's great.

At blackjack, I guy in for $100... and lose the first four hands in a row. I never get above $100, and at one point, it's just pound, pound, pound again. I notice everyone else has left the table, so I do too, with about $30 left. It's a shame - I had been doing so well on blackjack.

The day has its good moments, but there are so many 'almost' hands in my video poker play. I chop around quite a bit and by the end of the day, I've been dealt 6 or 7 four-to-a-royal.

On Triple Double Bonus again, I get a quad ... and AGAIN I can't draw no goddamn kicker. If I'd gotten the kickers on those two TDB quads, this day would be totally different. Two kickers away from an extra $800.

It's my last night at the Cal - I'm back to the Tropicana tomorrow.

VP: -$100
Blackjack: -$50
Keno/Sports bets: +$30
Day: -$120
Trip: -$266

Samplings from Today's Cavalcade of Fail

Odd that three of these are 10, J, Q, A of spades.

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