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Friday, September 14, 2018

The Big White Keno Circle

Day 8 - Saturday - continued

Two keno numbers to go, 10, and 30.

I wait and a big white circle shows up. I honestly can't believe it, but it's thirty. 30. THIR-TY. Holy dogshit! I've hit 5 out of 6! I'm going to make some damn money here, and have a good 'one that got away' story!

But I start chanting anyway.

"Ten... ten... TEN... for once... ten. C'mon ten... ten... TEN!"

A big white circle shows the last number drawn in the game.


"I did it! I actually did it!!!" I shout. "YES!!!"

I pound the cashout button on the VP machine, not wanting to run off leaving almost $50 in it.

I sit down and get my keno ticket out. Last thing I want to do is find out that my bet games ended the game before this one or some other ironic soul-crushing shit.

The ticket says the first game I played is 501, and the last game will be 516. The screen says this is game 510. I look at my numbers and look at the board.

My numbers are all there, all six of 'em. Just for good measure, the numbers in the other variation that I usually play up in that corner are there as well. This one was MTB.

Remembering the lesson of the lost $100 chip, I carefully stow the keno ticket and the TITO in my snap purse, and put that in my lunch money security pocket, and lock it all down with a couple of safety pins.

What a feeling I've got! I'm a little bit stunned, and I don't quite believe it - there are still some hoops to jump through and I try not to count it as money won - until I see the money. I'm tingling all over, just pumped and jazzed with adrenalin. I need to get to the Keno lounge - NOW.

It's hard to keep from running, and I literally almost run into McGoo in front of the elevators.

"Flushie! Hey, how's it going?"

My jaw works a bit and little squeaks come out.

"I... I.... shit, I think I just won at Keno! I've gotta go!"

At the Keno lounge, I take out my ticket and run it through the scanner. It's one of the sweetest sights I've ever laid my peepers on.

It says I've won over $1200. And I still have games yet to go. Man!

I get on the phone and tell the Quad Queen what's happened. It's a really fun call to make.

There's an official looking guy standing in front of the Keno machine. He's got a printout, and he is checking every one of the balls in that big circle Keno jerk thing they get blown into. Check, check, check. Then he talks to Max. Mutter, mutter, mutter.

When he leaves the booth, I buttonhole him. I have to know.

"I'm the guy that won - everything check out?"

"Yep," he says. "Everything checked out. Congratulations." He shakes my hand and walks off.

I wait for a while, but I can't sit still and head up to the room, where I can have a big-ass drink, put my feet up, watch the rest of the Keno games, and revel in the feeling.

Vegas has provided me with many, many thrills. I've won $4,000 a number of times, once a little more than that. I've had quite a few $1000 wins.

The most stunning win ever was my first dollar royal, which was also my second royal ever, my first max coins royal, and my first and only dealt royal. It was $4000 at a time when our daily combined budget was $80.

This thrill I get with this one is right up there. Since our first trip, I've never hit anything on Keno like this. It's been over 20 years of poking at Keno!

The best part of it was that I got to see it come in. The feeling seeing the second last, and then that final number come in - I haven't felt like that since a hummingbird got in my sleeping bag.

Up in the room I relax and think about the math a bit. With two numbers to go, there are 80-18= 62 possible numbers left. Getting the 30 was a two in 62, or one in 31 shot. (There were two numbers that would work at that point, either 10 or 30).

Getting the 10 was a one in 61 shot. Both of them is tougher than making a four-to-a-royal draw - and I needed them both.

Mathpoindexter will be proud of me - the odds of getting those last two numbers are 1 in (31 x 61). which works out to 1 in 1,891. I think it is unlikely I'll ever see something like watching those last two numbers come up again.

The next thing that goes through my gambler's brain is that my trip budget is basically saved. I've saved my trip. I've done it. It's saved. It's safe. (If I don't blow it.)

The next thing after that that goes through my gambler's brain is "Oh shit. I've made a huge mistake."


    1. Love this win! It's always a thrill out here in the non-Flushie hinterlands. Looking forward to all your many adventures. Just wondering- with Keno you're not expected to tip anybody, right?

      1. I don't know if there is keno tipping etiquette, but in this case, it was a no-brainer. The staff at the Cal Keno lounge have been incredibly friendly, helpful, and patient with me, explaining things, and even making suggestions. I was happy to include the crew in my win. :)

    2. Great win Flusher and I'm pleased for you as it wasn't going well. But wait, "Oh shit. I've made a huge mistake."??

    3. Your math is perfect, Flush! Heck of a nice hit too!

      Side note: When I moved to Vegas 15+ years ago, I picked six Keno numbers. In all the thousands of hours I've spent in casinos since then, I've never seen all six come in. (I don't bet on the game; I just check out the board whenever I see one.) You beat the odds!

    4. Did you have to pay tax on that win or do they count it as separate smaller wins?

      1. No tax withheld - the limit on Keno is $1500 instead of the usual $1200 on slots and VP. But that does raise a good question, one I've been wondering about. Suppose I'd bet $1 a way - would the smaller wins under $1500 be exempt from withholding, or would they withhold on the entire amount won on that game?


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