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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Bally's Has Balls

Who knew Bally's had live keno? I thought it had been pretty much eradicated on the strip.

I have to hand it to Caesar and his crew of whatever his Jimmy Poons are called - they are really good at eee-lectronical stuff, like emailing you 400 times about your upcoming trip and stuff you can do.

The best thing is the pre-arrival automated post-reservation para-arrival check in. I checked in from an email they sent and they sent back one of those square squiggly codes.

After my interminable long-haul trip courtesy Uber, I went to one of the automated check in kiosks and within about three minutes, I had my room assigned, had a credit card associated with my account (in case of exorbitant late night cheeseburger in-room service needs), had keys in hand, had directions to my room, and a peck on the electronic cheeks good luck.

I'm in the Jubilee tower, in one of the renovated rooms. I seem to remember Funkhouser having a very weird looking light fixture that had no way to turn it on. I seem to have the same thing. It looks like a Star Trek prop.

The rooms fine, fairly comfortable, comes with coffee maker... but I know better! I brought the Little Giant, of course, and a supply of what has to be superior grounds to the "Estate Blend, 2015" stuff they give you.


The internet in this room is smokin' fast, which is nice for all the live blogging chores one must do when live blogging.

Wits about me, I headed down to the casino and located the new video poker bar they put in. It's pretty nice, and the bar seating is extra comfy tonight.

Maker's Mark got comped no problem, and I got my ass handed to me. I played for almost two hours and never got a single quad. Strangely, I almost hit one out of the park on Triple Double Bonus on my second hand.

But I fanned on it. Shame.

This bar cost $3.1M to install. I think I paid for half of it.

That kind of night.

Ass hold of the day.
The paytables at the bar are pretty awful. As in really awful. But I achieved one of my goals, anyway, which was to have some drinks and relax and enjoy being in VEGAS!

Out of readies, I did the reasonable thing, and visited the safe for more. I played some buffalo and it was horrendous.

Oh - I did get a bonus round. $1.60.

Time to eat.

    1 comment:

    1. I really enjoy staying at Bally's. It has that "homey" feel.
      I fly in the 23rd (toy marble show at the Plaza) and intend to play my first ever video poker. I think I'll start with deuces wild as I have practiced on that a bit. Wish me luck Flusher!
      Now you go get 'em .......


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