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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Degen Keno Action - Justified

Got myself together this morning and promptly headed where there is some decent video poker - Ellis Island.

I have to say, everything went according to plan - their plan, that is.

Not having much luck so far on this trip. It happens. But it's awful when you start out in the dumper.

I went to use some coupons for free play, $10 match play, and a cheap breakfast. You have to play a bit before getting the goods, and I finally hit my first legit quarter quad of the trip.

Things went downhill from there. I tried their best Deuces game, full pay Boner Deluxe, some Buffalo... not happening. I bought in for $20 at blackjack and see-sawed for a while. I finally decided to use the $10 match play. Had to double and only had $7.50 in my rack. So I short doubled, all in. Dealer beat me easily, wiping it all out.

Probably the best part was breakfast - a veggie omelette with Potatoes Miles O'Brian.

Here's a promo I didn't know about - earn a bunch of points and they'll ship you off in an Uber or Lyft.

It got down to where I'd burned through almost all the cash I had on me.

I took one last flyer on full pay Boner Deluxe. Had a bunch of three of a kinds but couldn't connect. Finally it drained out and I was busted.

But wait! The little free play icon is lit up! How much do I have?

Three bucks.

I played it a buck at a time on nickels. Do you know how lame it is redeeming your last freeplay a single dollar at a time?

The good news is... for going through most of my day's budget, I got a FREE T-SHIRT. Which serves to advertise Ellis Island.

I felt very dejected as I wandered back to the hotel. It's too early in the trip for this. My plan was to take a long break, and on the way up, I picked up a Keno kit - booklet, game blanks, and a crayon. I thought later I'd commit $40 and sit alone up here waiting for the games to go by.

Fortunately, I do find that activity relaxing - and compared to burning through $20 every 9 minutes in the casino, it's relatively cheap.

Degen Keno Action - Justified

I started working through some of the social media posts, messages, comments, etc etc and all of a sudden - I remembered.

I have $50 of freeplay I can redeem at the Nugget - and it expires today! Reprieve!

A very kind soul donated $20 yesterday, so that goes into the desperation bankroll. Thank you so very much G.W. I have a second donation in the hopper from the last trip, but I'm saving that for a shot at a big progressive, if I see one.

The SDX stop is at Paris, so that's my limo downtown.

To the Nugget!


    1. Please try your luck at Southpoint. Last time there I killed the poker, and the wife won 5K on a giant Zorro machine in the main aisle.

    2. Flushie is a Norther (towards downtown). Not a Souther (towards Silverton, South Point or M Resort).

      Though he does need to correct that flaw. He would LOVE South Point.


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