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Saturday, October 20, 2018

King of Kung Pau

Last night was fun. Because Vegas!

After finishing my in-room cocktails, I ventured into the Luxor casino, to my favorite ATM Buffalo machine.

It gave me a few nice wins, but nothing much more than $20 or so, and after a good long play, it left me with nothing but the view of where the waterfall used to be.

Note the lack of water falling.
I have been in the mood for stir fry and such and so I headed over to the Tropicana to Red Lotus and ordered the Kung Pau chicken.

Outstanding. Just incredibly delicious and freshly made... I ate every last bit.

Red Lotus - highly recommended.
The 50 play nickel machine I like awaited. I wandered over and three of the four seats on the side of the bank where the machine is (I wonder what the 93 letter German word for that is?) were occupied. But my machine was available and clear, with the exception of a large clear plastic cup, half filled with ice, and the remnants of some sort of drink.

Just as I slid into my seat, and was about to dispatch the cup, the woman next to me reached over and got it, placing it on her machine.

"Thank you!..." said I.

She smiled and nodded and hit deal.

"...that was yours, right?" I said, with great intentions of humorous delivery and a touch of hilarity. Surely I hit the right note with this little gem of idiocy.

What ensued was a knock down drag out two hour extrava-battle of me versus multiplay Bonus Poker nickels. All I put in was $20 and I had a blast, totally exorcising the daily need to push buttons.

There were many quads, some surprises, and sadly, no dealt Royals, or Royals of any kind, for that matter. Couple sets of Pointies, though. A few highlights:

After that, I took a flyer on Boner Deluxe quarters (nothing), and headed back to Excalibur for a wee Keno ticket to tide me over till morning.

Back in the room, I typed up a blog post while keeping an eye on my ticket, which won Sweet Effing Eh.

I had a solid six hour sleep, waking at... 5:00 AM Vegas time. No rest for the degenerate, up and at them, rise and shine, daylight on the swamp!

The Little Giant provided an outstanding java in a pilfered Starbucks cup, and I took that down to my Buffalo ATM. I've won big on this thing twice, so now I keep going back there expecting to win again.

Advanced in-room coffee making prowess. Take it all Little Giant, you hot bitch, no cup is too big!
So... Buffalo...

Hit the first bonus round of the day which netted me an unreal 10 cents. TEN CENTS.

Not one minute later, the three coins rang my bells, and the bonus round was awesome.

Great start...

Keep going!

Dream result! (It says so.)

The final tally - a $101.75 bonus win.

I played on until I was at $100 and cashed the ticket. Another $10 in just in case but that will be it for now.

I will let my Buffalo ATM absorb a bunch of money from losers throughout the day, and then I'll come back later to day to collect. I've got this wired!

Now that the blog is up to date, I'm figuring out some coupon destinations, but the main thing on my mind right now is $50 freeplay at the Nugget, and of course, breakfast au gratis downtown somewhere.

Update on the airport fees for the rental car facility - Lyft refunded the entire ride amount - $18. Nice going, Lyft!

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    1. miss the old Luxor too.....and the 30 min boat ride to your room..haha.
      Go kill those profits Flusher..... KENOKID.


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