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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Last Minute Heroics

Just a quick update from my phone before I head to the airport.

Today has been pretty rough. The luck taps definitely got turned off for the most part. What can I say, it sucks. 

The purple chip attempt from a $100 buy in was one of the worst blackjack sessions I've ever experienced. I hate to admit defeat but it ain't gonna happen this time. 

I did get one more set of nickel Pointies. No kicker though.

Last chance for monetary romance is on Triple Double Bonus at McCarran. 

I'll give you all today's deets from Flusherville tomorrow.


    1. Great report but im sooo upset! Im barely missing you, hopefully ill find a RF card this trip.

      1. I left one for you in a secret location in the El Cortez.

        I left another one in a totally public location in Main Street Station. It's easy to see, but hard to reach.

    2. Flusher, as usual, your posts are interesting and funny and make me want to be in Vegas. I do wish you would have Jimmy Poon give us an index of posts like you used to have. If one doesn't start with the first day, it's easy to get lost.

      1. Hi Carole, nice to hear from you. There is always an index page for each report. You can find this one here:

    3. Your trip was so short! This is good because you can bring your winnings home. This is bad because the trip report is too short.


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