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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Out of the Bluto

Now what is this all about???
Breakfast was comped on account of I'm a pig and shunned any sort of cleaning or housekeeping. This netted me a breakfast bagel-wich.
It was actually pretty good.

I added some mayo because free calories. It was surprisingly good.

My time-waster until check out was to go over to the Bellagio and play some nickel Spin Poker. I found it and played. It went quite well at first.

First quad of the day.
I ran out of credits and tried a different machine. Hey, guess what happened again?


Yeah. Fanned on three Pointies too.
Then I saw what looked like a fun machine. Animal House. I've never played it before. I have a habit of winning out of the blue when playing a machine for the first time. (Or is it out of the Bluto?)

Fucker ate $20. It gave nothing. I had to see it do something. A spin. A bonus. A food fight. Anything!

Then I thought 'I'll show this machine who's boss' and shoved a hundy in there.
I will never play Animal House again as long as I live. It absolutely sucked. Below is my biggest 'win'. Buck you, Fluto!

With the remnants of the hundy, I went back to the Spin Poker and had me a good ole time.

Time to check out of Bally's so I headed back. On the way I slipped a fiver into Shockwave. Just for funzers.

So that's four misses on four to a Royal this morning. Gads!

Off to Luxor, where $100 $50 in freeplay will help the budget. Can I turn it into some cash??

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