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Monday, October 22, 2018

Pointies Kicker Pointies Kicker Pointies Kicker

When I got up this morning, I had two things on my mind.

One, is pizza left overnight without refrigeration still good, and two, what can I possibly do with five bucks to avoid doing the walk of shame for a second consecutive day.

Yes, the $500 marker I took yesterday was gone - except for the five beans.

What prospects did I have? I had some Hooters coupons - and others as well, but Hooters is nearby - but they take play to get the free play to kick in. I also had my Excalibur Keno ticket from two nights ago.

I decided to start gambling immediately without delay, and with great abandon - by snarfing down half a 16" room temperature pizza. (As of 16 hours later, I am having minimal fever dreams, so I think I'm going to pull through. Bonus. Oh - and my spirit animal is the Great Tubular Pepperoni.)

Showering delayed actual money gambling for a while, so that was good.

By the way, a couple of logistical points... I used the Amazon locker site at the 7-11 on Oakey to receive a package - worked like a charm.

And, I think I've solved the TSA-acceptable shaving cream issue with this stuff: Pacific Shaving Company Natural Shaving Cream, 3.4 Ounces
It is okay under TSA guidelines, and doesn't have any overpowering perfumey smell - in fact, it smells lightly of oranges. I find this to be very appealing.

Orange a-peeling in fact.

It worked pretty well when razor met Flusher, too. The tube was a little over $5, so I'm pleased to have this solved.

My plan was to walk over to Excalibur and check my Keno ticket - maybe there was a windfall I didn't know about. Then I'd pile into the rental car, pockets bulging with five or even six dollars, and head to Hooters. From there, I'd go downtown... probably to the Main Street cage.

The rain had let up and the sun was starting to show itself - and my ticket was worth $17.50! I had a stake!

Next stop, Hooters. I even got a good spot.

The slot club Sheila told me I had to play $10 worth before getting my $10 free play. She issued my $10 table games match play on the spot.

I found a likely looking machine with 8/5 Bonus on it and put in $10. The first few hands were winner, and the credits were going up, not down - and I hit paydirt almost right away.

It should be noted that I got suckered - this is FAKE BONUS POKER with all quads being worth 150 credits. Sadness.

I cashed out after playing a few more hands - nothing more exciting was immediately happening - and I had a profit of $40 just like that.

Next stop, the blackjack table, where three guys from Bangalore were trying to see who could make the stupidest bets, and who could stand on the stupidest hands.

My purple chip fund had a lowly $20 in it, so that was my buy-in.

It didn't affect me much and when I played my match play, it was a double situation. So I had $30 out - and I won. When I left the table a few hands later, I had this:

The cashier sorted them into a group of five red chips, and the rest. She gave me $45 and I ran for the door.

Hooters was very profitable for me - I had $85 more than when I walked in. Best part was that I had a very good parking spot.

The drive downtown was pleasant enough and I parked at Main Street Station and headed for the Super Slutty Times Pay nickel machine I'd had luck on previously with the 5x Aces.

Within a couple of minutes, I was surprised with four Pointies.

Got the kicker, too.

Cool! That's $100! After revealing my scratch card bonus of $1, I played another hand.

Then I played a second hand and got this:

Got the kicker, too.
Holy shit! I couldn't believe it. Pointies kicker twice in three hands! I played a bit more and cashed a decent ticket.

Time to change machines. Within a minute I had my THIRD set of Aces. Wow.

Got the kicker, too.
This is a record for me, across more than 20 years of video pokering. Aces Kicker three times within 25 hands.

And all of a sudden, I had a decent stake for the day - reprieve from the walk of shame!

The best part? I was just getting started. More to come!

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