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Thursday, October 18, 2018

The Andromeda Strain

All the logistic stuff went perfectly today. No surprises on the bill at Bally's, got my $10 food credit no problem, got a Lyft no problem, ride was swift no problem, snuck into the VIP early check in line no problem by flashing a two year old gold card at the dragon guarding the entrance, got a room that was ready no problem, and no extra 'early check in' charge.

The always classy Luxor lobby.
The room is a Tower De-luxe model, which means... its pretty comfortable. Nothing super snazzy but recently redone and not a bad place to be at all.

The bathroom is very spacious - it goes on forever.

There was some water on the glass that covers the desk. It looked cool.

It's either water or its the Andromeda Strain. (I only survived because I use squeeze.)

To be honest, this morning ended up being awful. Yes I've been having fun but I'm so tired of losing! There's been nary a winning session and so many unfair misses already. I've chewed through a disgusting chunk of my budget.

I took some time to have a couple of drinks and relax in the room (and do internetting). Then it was time to turn my $50 freeplay into cash. (Thought it was $100, but it was only $50. My bad.)

I played it on quarter Jacks or Better on Spin Poker. Not a bad game for the strip, only 1% off of maximum return. I had to put $100 in (all I had on me) to get the freeplay going. It's the kind that repays your bet after the hand. You have to play to get it.

So then this happens:

It's four to a Royal again - except I'm playing one line only. I'm shitting myself that I might not get it, but it might appear on one of the other two spots that I didn't play.

I shouldn't worry so much - of course I fanned on it. Number 5 for the day.

At this point I'd converted the freeplay. So I started playing three lines at a time. Oh gosh it was fun for a while. Until it wasn't. Until the credit meter said 0. And I'd done it yet again.

Just for fun, along the way, I was dealt four to a Royal AGAIN.

That's eight misses from four to a royal today. Over the last couple of trips, I must have gone through two royal cycles of misses from four. I'M DUE, DAMMIT.

I was steamed. Out of money on me again. Almost out of my daily budget. So I walked in circles for a while and then headed down to the buffet for dinner.

Remember the 24-hour buffet pass you used to be able to buy? It's now an "all day" pass. It doesn't last 24 hours - it lasts until the end of the day. They are nickel and diming the nickel and diming.

Of course, I was shunted to the table furthest from the food, and in the least desirable location - the Single Lonely Diner table, 6 furlongs from the carvery.

There's food over yonder, I hear. A half a day by good mule.
The buffet was pretty bad. Many of the dishes weren't labeled, and for some of the sections, like the Chinese, there just wasn't anything much you'd want to eat. Fried rice (ok, I had some), mangled chicken in unknown sauce - nobody ever touched it, gloppy brown noodles in glop, a tiny vegetable stir fry, and a bin of spring rolls.

And some things were just nasty.

Now that I think about these things, buffet people how dare you??? This is unfit. See those horrid things in the back? Jalapenos. And guess what, there were two bins of them.

However - I managed to find some good things to eat. I enjoyed the Mediterranean stuff - tzatziki, hummus, greek salad, tabbouli and so on. The best thing I found were a couple of ribs.

This would be my only big meal today, and one of two, so I made the most of it. I did four trips. I was in the buffet for almost 3 hours. Once I got lost 3 furlongs past the dessert station.

Cucumber tongues.

That big brown thing is possibly an oxtail hunk. But let's face it, if you are describing any food as 'that big brown thing', you've already lost.

A word about buffet pizza. Why is it so shitty? It's 98% bread, and 2% good stuff. I scrape the yummy layer off and leave the turbo-carb filler. Who needs it.

It's the same deal at Main Street.

I regrouped after dinner and debated over whether I should retrieve the last two hundies of the initial stake from home, or just one. I hate losing, but I'm here to play. I can afford it if I lose my daily budget - I don't like that one bit.

So, there was only one hundy left in the safe - the last of what I brought. I was only $100 away from the walk of shame. And I had made no progress toward a purple chip whatsoever.

Flushie is tired and wants to sleep. He promises to write up the rest of today first thing in the morning, over Little Giant coffee, and no pants.


    1. I believe I've sat at that same table. And I agree that the Luxor buffet is awful. Excalibur's is so much better, IMO.

    2. I'm completely gobsmacked that on the "unfit" picture you didn't write: "I'll have some of the yella, and don't get cheap on me".


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