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Monday, October 22, 2018

Two Two Two Two Much Winning

I kicked around Main Street some, playing this and that, twenty here, twenty there. Loose Deuces, Aces No Face, Treasure Chest, more nickel Super Times Pay... on one game I was dealt four to a Royal yet again.

Fanned on it yet again.

Comped soup and salad bar at the California made up lunch. It's important for gamblers to eat their vegetables if they want to stay savvy. I'm happy to say that the tradition of the Single Lonely Diner table is alive and well and applicable to me, yet again.
The only table worse than mine is the chair without a table at all.
Different machines at the Cal refused to give me royals, or money, or Buffaloes.  My day's winnings were half gone. Was my streak at an end?

It was such a gorgeous day out yesterday. Temps in the low 80s, breezy, sunny. I wandered to the Nugget and did get my $25 freeplay. One had to go to the cage to get it because there was a choice of freeplay or a Visa gift card. Should have taken the gift card. I played dollar Jacks progressive and ran it up to $40 or so and then watched it all disappear in a series of stinkers.

Onward - to the D... where I picked up $10 in match play chips. Bought in for $20 on blackjack, won the match play, and cashed out $40. I used $5 in freeplay on points but got nothing. Good pit stop though, and on I went to the El Cortez.

The keno tickets from the day before netted me $42. The keno tickets from the day before cost $72. Sadness.

Next stop, the Downtown Deuces. Same machine I hit the $500 ducks on earlier this year. Put in $20 and started to hit hands, except the big one. Yet again missed on four to a Royal.

Half an hour in, though, I was dealt three Deuces. I got the Quad Queen on facetime so she could witness the draw.

YES! $500 hand pay!

Here's a few other hands from the session, which lasted a little over an hour.

This one hurt - four to a Royal on the redeal. Not only that, five minutes later it happened again.

I only got one Deuces "Insult Quad".

It felt so good to have a wallet full of winnings after the crap day I'd had the day before! After taking a time out to tweet and post about the deuces, and lose $20 on some stupid fire video slot while my phone took juice aboard, I took my $40 Purple Chip fund to the blackjack table.

Forty minutes later it was gone. So I am back at zero. Monday is going to be blackjack day, if I'm to have a shot at this.

I had a few nice hits on Ultimate X and turned $20 into $60. Yes, sometimes I cash out!!!

I felt very satisfied at this point in the day. I was thinking what's left undone at the El Cortez?

Some dollar play in the alcove coin droppers. $20 in $80 out. I felt like I had the golden touch.

Ah yes - Boner Deluxe, which vexed me the day before. I chose an old school coin dropper. A bit short pay, but the point was to get a quad, right?

$20 bill in, 480 quarters out.
Yep, I hit that TOO, winning another $100.

An actual bConned benefit.
I set up a couple of big sucker Keno tickets so that I could gamble while I drove the rental to dinner. Took the longish walk back to Main Street, got some bourbon, got my parking validated because I'm still Sapphire somehow - fuck I hate this parking bullshit, I had to jump through hoops to get in and out of the Luxor lot, relying on the call for help button twice - and drove to Chinatown for a celebration dinner.

Anecdote from the day before - I was playing a machine at the Cal when a floor person came by and offered to get me set up with a player's card. I told her 'I already have one, there's no point in using it'. We had an 'interesting' discussion. All the slot club changes have been tough on the staff.

There wasn't any place I had in mind - I figured I'd just spot something and pull in.

The thing I spotted as the Sara BBQ Buffet - Korean food.

At first I wasn't sure what to eat - all the food looked underdone to me.

It turns out that the big round thing in each table is for cooking your own meat.

Kidding aside, I had a great meal. Their kimchi was excellent and all the meats I tried were delicious. Kolbi beef, bulgogi, pork tenderloin, chicken and so on.

Stuffed, I rolled back to Luxor. (I had to get parking 'turned on' for my room keys earlier, and that took care of things.)

Back in the room, I had a few celebration bourbons, did some typey typey, and most importantly, did a count-up.

From $5 in my pocket when I left in the morning, I had $750 in winnings. A truly stellar day, one of the most enjoyable I've ever had in Vegas.

Now I just need that purple chip, and a Royal Flush. Two days left to do it in. Better get busy!


    1. Ahhh...much better Royal. Truly enjoyed your adventures.

    2. Next time you go to Chinatown, go in the Golden Tiki. I have consistantly won on their bar video poker.

    3. When in doubt as to what to eat, always go with beef intestine!

    4. You are one savy s.o.b. Flusher!


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