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Monday, November 5, 2018

Bye Bye Downtown Deuces

Just about every trip to Vegas, I took time out to go to the El Cortez and play one (or both) of the last Downtown Deuces in existence.

I was pretty lucky the last three trips, managing to hit the $500 deuces on two of them.

A good thing never lasts forever, and I tried to enjoy the experience of playing the ages old coin-droppers as much as possible, each chance I got.

From the No-Roller trip report:

"As I approach the El Cortez, as always, my excitement starts to grow as I near the old machines. There is going to be a day when I walk through those doors to find no more Downtown Deuces. Hopefully this is not that day."

Here's the story of my second last hit on the legendary machines.

In May, I wrote:

"Last day in Vegas? I have to take another shot at the Downtown Deuces in the El Cortez. Similar to the evening before, I've limited my downside losses by bringing only just a little cash with me - $165, in this case. In retrospect, I don't know why the number is $165, but I'm sure I had a good reason for it at the time.

I've got quite a bit of time to kill until my host is due at the Plaza, later in the afternoon, and video poker seems like a good way to kill it. And it is.

I want to remember everything about the experience. I try to drink in the atmosphere. It's pretty foul so I settle for small, reasonable sips of the atmosphere.

I look, I listen, I take my time, and feel joyous playing this wonderful game in this great, historic casino, in this, yes, fabulous town."

All I can hope for at this point is that maybe just maybe these machines will see the light of day again. Maybe they've just been moved or put in storage.


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    1. How about making your next article Bye Bye Las Vegas since plutonium is going to be stored at what used to be called area 51 but has been renamed "the nevada national security site" as to confuse the public and not scare off the tourists.


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