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Monday, December 24, 2018

Chimpanzee on Order

You know how I love sharing exciting gambling stories with you, daring exploits, amazing jackpots, victories and all that good stuff.

What can I tell you? Today was kind of sucky. Our luck was terrible last night, and today was a struggle. At least we re-learned how to get quads! But the end result was a steady drain, and so many missed opportunities that would have changed everything.

Anyway, the bare facts are pretty boring to relate. I suppose I could use some vocabulary manipulation and fancy lingo to put a joyful fucking sheen on it.

Here we go... Sunday, Dec. 22.

Our confused body clocks got us up after about 4.93274 hours of sleep. Fortunately, my old friend the Little Giant survived the trip, and made me some stunning coffee. The touchpad in the room here at Aria 51 had a blurb for pre-ordering Starbucks for pick-up.

Waiting time: 40 minutes.

I laughed in my underwear while I sipped delicious freshly brewed coffee out of a bathroom glass. I know what you're thinking - how can I compete with Flushiepants' glamorous lifestyle. The answer is, be a cheap bastard like me.

We're still pretty worn out from the traveling so we took it easy for a while. I took some time to write up a pretty good blog post which you've already read, most probably.

When it was time to head out, I couldn't believe my eyes. My eyes, they lie to me! Deceitful damn eyes!!!

Ellie May Flusher had actually come up with a rope!

The chimpanzee is on order.

We had some food left over from CVS so we foraged breakfast out of that. Oh who am I kidding? I'd bought a whole second sandwich with the plan of eating it with some mustard. Five bucks well invested if you ask me. For what it's worth, I enjoyed eating it.

Basking in the luxe of the Aria 51 lifestyle.
I know that all that is too exciting for words, but here's something really, really exciting.

The sump pump ran. Boom!

The casino.
In the casino, Mrs. F. bashed at a machine in, yes, row 802, while I fought to get my $50 freeplay sorted. It only took six trips to the players club booth.

We wanted to play some Buffalo, so that's where I used up my freeplay.

I did catch a pretty good bonus round, so that kept me alive for quite a while.

We headed over to CVS for more supplies and it really wasn't great weather today. Cold. Grey.

 and after eating, I crashed for a while. When I woke up, I had some nice pics waiting on my piPhone 3.14. The Quad Queen had re-learned her magic somewhat.

I joined her and we found a couple of machines with some fairly decent quarter Double Slutty Times Pay.

And man, we started hitting!!! It was raining quads, but we got caught on the wrong side of variance too many times, and the big home run multiplier hands didn't materialize.

You'll look at the pictures and think, wow, they did pretty well, but at various times additional funds had to be injected into the situation.

At the end of it all, the day was another blood bath, which I topped off by spilling an entire beer down my shorts.

Thank goodness it was a 'light' beer.

Aside from not having great luck here so far, the Aria casino hasn't really left a big impression on us. It's noisy, just a constant din, and the machines are tight - which is expected in a major strip resort. It just doesn't seem like a place I want to be. Probably winning would completely change that.

Here's the cavalcade of quads from our DSTP run. The last two are from when I'd had enough and come back to the room, while the Quad Queen fought on.

This would have changed everything. Especially if that fourth Ace had been dealt!


    1. Since I'm not able to be in Vegas for Christmas myself - I'm thrilled that you are, and are writing about it. I made my annual December visit from 12/2 thru 12/11, and want to wish you the kind of trip I had. After a number of stays at The Cal, finally got my first Royal there (and my "Jackpot Winner T-shirt), on one of the old, $1, 9/6 JoB coin droppers near the check-in desk on day 3. Moved to the Paris for the final 5 nights and hit the $1 progressive there playing 7/5 BP about 6:30 p.m. on my final day - just 5 1/2 hrs. before my flight home. In between I had the usual ups & downs, some really great sessions of v.p. & craps. And I honestly thought of "the Royal Flusher" numerous times throughout. It had been a while since I'd had a trip end on the plus side. It just somehow seems sweeter when it happens there.


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