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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Christmas Day is Vegas Special

Christmas Day is Vegas Special - it means drinking, gambling, and overeating, amid family squabbles. Boxing day, same. 363 days after Boxing day, same.

Christmas Day was also moving day - from Aria 51 to Wynn. I actually bumped into Mr. Wynn on our way over, he was handing out 'Free Massage of Steve Wynn' coupons on the strip. I don't think Steve's dance card is full right now.

Once again, it rained on my Vegas trip... it seems to happen every time. Some desert! It actually really poured for a while, but then things started to clear, and the mountains revealed some beautiful scenery.

My spy telescope managed to capture an interesting view of them, courtesy Mrs. Flusher's efforts.

We got up fairly early, but just spent time relaxing, and me, blogging, and eating cheesecake for breakfast. Next thing I knew there wasn't time to run over to Cosmo and get any decent amount of play in. So we just hung out and packed up and whatnot, snacking on various room camping provisions, and drinking Royal Flusher Mimosas.

A Royal Flusher Mimosa consists of whatever alcohol you have around mixed with whatever mix you have around. It's re-flusher-freshing!

I managed to get packed in time to get a quick shave and shower in, and we were out the Aria door at 11:00 AM on the nose. Down in the casino, it was mayhem, and I was so stungazed (shoutout) that I committed a cardinal sin and forgot to stock up on free packets of Mayo from the patisserie. I just wanted OUT.

The Ride Share rea is relegated to a high-class piece of real estate, just beside the dumpsters. It's nine floors down, in a dripping cave. Someday ride share will get the respect it deserves.

Actually, there was a velvet rope situation going on, and a ride share monitor would confirm with each driver who they were, shout it out, and then and only then, let the driver pull up, and let you through the ropening.

I picked up on a new route to use this trip - from the Plaza to Aria, the app told the driver to go south on Main, then right on Wyoming, then down on Sammy Davis Jr. Because everyone wants to go down on Sammy Davis Jr.

I'm not sure why I wrote that, it just seemed like a handy turn of phrase.

Sammy's drive is fast, empty, and peppered with industrial manufacturing and strip clubs and erotic museums. He'd approve. It merges into Dean Martin and you end up going under the freeway, to the west side.

But it's okay. There's a quick right to head west a bit, then south again, so you can catch a light where you can turn left. That leads directly to Aria and the strip.

Going from Aria to Wynn, we did the same thing in reverse, except we turned east on Desert Inn and boom, we were there in no time. We literally bent the time-space continuum of casino travel and no time whatsoever had elapsed since leaving Aria 51.

Check in was smooth at Wynn, and we actually got our room right away, so no checking of bags and hanging around until later. Everything had gone so smoothly! Although, just for fun, as soon as we arrived at Wynn, I got a text from Cosmo with $45 bounce back free play. It's good for 2 or 3 days, so we will probably head back there at some point soon.

The Wynn room is superior to the Aria room in a number of ways. It's bigger. The furnishings are on par. The beds are more comfortable. And the bathroom is far better, and 50% bigger. I certainly like the view from here better than what we had at Aria as well.

Great progress being made across the street on Twynn.
I went down to forage for lunch and came back with a bean dip thing, which was excellent, and a sausage egg biscuit, which was not. The eggs were so, so salty! I might just drop by and tell them, gently, don't put so much goddamned fucking salt in the fucking eggs!

After sorting the room a bit, we headed to the casino.

I never get to spin this thing. New sign-ups only. Boooo.
Mrs. F. had $200 freecredit, so we looked around for something halfway decent to play. The 7/5 bonus quarter progressive machines we were expecting to find were shorted to 6/5. Ummm, nope.

We found 50 cent 7/5 Bonus single line machines, and that's where we attacked.

It went quite well at first, but I struggled with getting quads. The Quad Queen kicked ass at it, but otherwise had steady draining losses.

Basically, my first hundy played a long time, but no quad. My second hundy yielded my only quad, beautiful pointies for $200. After that, it was a very quick dumpering. In fact, the plummet at the end was aggravating. I'd been having such a great time motoring along, and all of a sudden, nothing, nothing, nothing until a sick amount of credits were gone. I was steamed.

My lone quad, pointies.

Mrs. Flusher got 6 quads to my 1. That's why she's the Quad Queen.

I wandered around dazed and played $100 in Buffalo at 60 cents a spin. I had two bonus rounds, $1.80, and $0.90. The guy two machines over got $78. I had one win of around $10, and the rest was sheer and utter crap and when I was done, I was completely furious. Mostly at how my fun had been taken away by horrible variance. And I'm sick and tired of losing, losing, losing on this trip. I'd had 34 attempts from 3 of a kind with no connection - the Aces came on two.

QQ shepherded me to T.I., where $5 freeplay awaited me. I grabbed some stupid VP machine and actually managed a quad.

We scrapped the room service idea and had dinner at T.I. Mrs. F. had asked me what would make me happy, and my answer was "the Kung Pao chicken at T.I.". So there it was.

After, we played some Buffalo. Nothing exciting, although my $20 outlasted three of QQs. I wanted to try that same machine again, had a feeling I could get something on it.

Yup, dealt 10s. Next hand, I was dealt a full house, with three 2s. Quad 2s was $100 and Quad 2s with kicker, $200. Full house was 30 credits, very short.

It may not have been the right move but I went with my gut (something usually not recommended) and ditched the full house.

Back to back quads! (No kicker, though.)

Mrs. Flusher tried $20 in Super Aces ($500 for any Ace quad), but lost it. She switched to Bonus Poker and got this:

Pointies. $100. Kind of bittersweet, but at least it wasn't on Deuces.

We shopped at CVS for room camping supplies and man, the cupboard was bare!

For breakfast tomorrow, we'd just have to nibble whatever crap we managed to find, and what we have leftover.

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