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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Flusher has Left the Building

Wednesday, maybe the day we'd not lose quite so much. We planned to ditch Wynn for the sea of full pay video poker that is the Orleans.

I'd bought a brick of cheese at CVS and had some tortilla chips left over, and I also bought some sort of blueberry hork punishment oatmeal - anyway, all that sort of crap made up some sort of a breakfast, eaten while I typed up a blog post.

Vegas is pretty frenetic, and as we have aged, we find that we can no longer keep up the 23 hour a day flat out pace, and have had to settle for a more reasonable 21 hour a day flat out pace.

The only casino action Wynn saw was our asses waggling goodbye as we headed out the south valet in order to grab a Lyft to The Orleans.

We played a bunch of NSUD Deuces Wild, which is always fun. The Deuces didn't show, and neither did many wild royals (just one I think).

I got a really nice bonus round on Welfare Buffalo (the 40 cent a spin version).

The free games just kept piling up. I texted the Quad Queen every time some games were added. By the time it was over, I'd had something like 67 free spins - my math was weak at the beginning. Anyway, the Welfare Buffalo chipped out $40.

We played a bit more VP and again I failed to get a Royal from four in the most annoying fashion.

We found some awesome 9/6 Double Double Slutty Times Pay in dimes and played that for ages.


Three more failed Royal attempts from four.

Quad Queen.
 Lunch? Burgers at TGI Fridays, where Flusher was in the building, ate, left his card with Elvis, and then left the building.

After lunch, we took a look around, and that's when I spotted a Buffalo built for Two.

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