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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Cosmo

Christmas Eve Day. After you've taken a brutal ass-kicking in a casino, it's natural to want to... change casinos. Bye Aria 51, hello Cosmopolitan.

I figured there was an easy way from our room out the north lobby of Aria to get to Cosmo, and I was right - a few hundred steps and I was a back door man with a Santa Claus Hatted lady at my side.

We haven't played much at Cosmo but we both really liked it. The atmosphere there was quieter, warmer. I think too many hard surfaces like glass and marble in a joint make the sound harsh and reflective. You end up with everything mixing into a loud din.

It was a pretty nice morning, still a bit chilly, but the sun was warm, as I found out after I'd ditched the Quad Queen at some machine, and headed over to McDick's for breakfast.

Sausage 'a Muffin with Egg, Hash Brown Flap, Medium coffee.

So we kicked around Cosmo for the morning, cocktail service was friendly and plentiful, and the multiplay deuces were kicking.

Without much screwing around, the Quad Queen broke the Royal Flush barrier by hitting two of them - on hundred play pennies.

She got a third tiny Royal another time. See, this is easy!

There be a teeny tiny Royal Flush!
We also played some Ultimate X.

Ultimate X provided the Ultimate Offence - dealt a quad with NO MULTIPLIERS ACTIVE.


Buffalo was fun for a while, and we also wandered around the joint and looked at stuff and stashed an Official Royal Flusher Business Card 2.0 with the Strict Rules of Parlay on the back.

How much did we win at Cosmo? $-Alot.00

Minus a lot. But man we had a blast. We both finally felt like we were getting what we needed out of it, instead of dumping money down a dark hole like the first night and day.

That would be Christmas Eve Day Eve Day Eve, and Christmas Eve Day Eve Day. Whereas today was Christmas Eve Day. The penultimate day before Christmas. It's as easy as those quadrastic equations you remember from your school days.

Next on the agenda was to grab a bus downtown for lunch with my buddy Kevin and his wife Mrs. Kevin. What better place to spend Christmas Eve than on Fremont Street?

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