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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Love Me Three Times, I'm Goin' Away

That hack Jim Morrison stopped getting loved one time short. He should have gone for the trifecta.

Three. The power of three. The triangle. The minimum number of lines needed to enclose an area.

What's more powerful than three? Three threes.

What the hell am I talking about? I'm talking about Las Vegas, baby, Aria 51 - three nights, Wynn - three nights, The Cal - three nights.

Stated simply, the Quad Queen is making her triumphant return to Las Vegas after a 13 month hiatus. That's a long time to be hiatusing.

The weather in Flusherville this time of year is oppressive, with cold, dark, grey, sunless days. The sun gets up at about 11:30 and sets just after lunch. The sun is a lazy fucker at this time of year in Flusherville.

Perhaps it isn't quite that bad, but it seems like it.

With the Flusherville grommet plant enforcing a shutdown policy over the Christmas break in which we are forced to use our vacation time in the middle of a god-forsaken hell winter, whether we like it or not, it was time to fire up the Bonebook and see what offers there are.

What is going on with MGM Resorts offers?! Faithful readers of this blogs with steel-trap memories (not me in either case) will recall that after diminishing/no play at MGM properties, the offers came back and over a period of months got better and better.

I booked such an offer last October - with some variations, the basic offer was 3-4 nights comped plus $50 resort credit and $50-$100 free play. This to a guy that played $0.00 at MGM joints in 2017, and very little in 2018.

So, I booked the 4 nights at Luxor and enjoyed them.

What was left in the hopper for the Triple-Play Triple Trip? Same offer.

We jumped on it and booked Aria 51.

A week after booking that offer, I took another look and in the spring, I have the same offer, more or less. (Insider tip - I booked it.)

I took a look after a while and there was another offer and I booked that too, for Mandalay Bay.

That's the same offer described above, extended to me four times across three trips. In October, my coin in was around $5K at Luxor, with an $86 loss.

I hope your offer hopper is as brimming with MGM goodies as mine has been.

The Quad Queen gets an offer at Wynn all the time for 'pay for 2 nights, get one free, $200 free play, buffet for two'.

So we booked that.

Meanwhile, we've fallen out of favor with the Golden Nugget. We are getting only casino rate offers there. Perhaps it's because I picked up three rounds of free play for two people (ahem) and then walked after each visit. Yep, they've had enough of my shenanigans for now. But I'll just wait 'em out, they'll come crawling back with goodies. Especially when Hotel X at 18 Fremont opens in a couple of years, they are going to be feeling the pressure with that competition.

For flights, we've saved enough Avion Visa points to cover both of us. Pretty suite. Booked on United.

That's the basics, and yesterday morning, we left Flusherville around 8:51:08 AM in a big yellow taxi, headed for the Flusherville Junction Via rail station.

Want to follow along? Of course you do. I'm on Twitter and Facebook, and there's a Trip Report Page where links to the new posts will show up.

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