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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Triple Playing at Wynn

Because there is nothing cheap to play at Wynn, I finished Thursday night screwing around with stupid video keno and banged off 500 points and finished off my budget.

The 7/5 Bonus Poker slant top progressives we used to play have been downgraded to 6/5. However, the Quad Queen located two Big Bertha video poker machines for two with love seats that have triple play quarter 7/5 Bonus on them. So she made that her stand to finish the night. I'd tried the triple play myself and it wasn't being kind.

Speaking of not being kind, three more failed four-to-a-Royal attempts by QQ were racked up.

She tired out and went up to bed, but I was hungry, so I tried out Charlie's, and had an excellent burger for $18.50. Charlie's replaces the head-shakingly named Zoozacrackers.

Charlie’s Smokehouse Burger* 18.5

Smoked cheddar, thick cut bacon, grilled red onions, arugula,
shoestring potatoes, smokey chili sauce, kaiser roll.

Zoozacrackers Charlie's Smokehouse Burger
It was really delicious, and I wolfed it down, and headed up after the Quad Queen. We'd gone through all of our day's budget - again. Would we ever manage to get a damn win on this trip?

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