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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Video Poker All Day Long

Video poker all day long and then more video poker. That's what we did today.

We fueled up with coffee shop omelettes to start the day and then went at it.

The Quad Queen had most of the luck and I pounded through way too much dough on nickel five play Slutty Times Pay. One of her best was this 6x quad.

I took some downtime to write up last nights royal story, and meanwhile, Mrs. F. was hitting her some pointies.

That there is the best hit of the entire trip, which isn't saying much. We were sure glad to get it.

Along the way, I hit a quad shooting for the moon on Triple Double Bonus Poker Fucker Plus Poker, and then I watched the Quad Queen do some 10-play quarter Bonus. I played the machine next to her and did okay.

For some reason, the machines are tormenting me.

We played some Buffalo to no consequence except losing and before we knew it, dusk had fallen.

I tried to help it up but then night fell on top of both of us.

We said hello to an old friend, and then ate part of its cousins.

As I'm writing this up mid-day the day after... man, it's all a blur! The days just fly by here and if you don't take notes, all you remember is that you played your ass off and had a blast.

 After eating we played a few things around Main Street, and then settled in for another long bash at the nickels.

The QQ got some AAAA action and then a nice dealt quad for five scratch cards.

No multiplier, though.

I'm still totally challenged on hitting royals from four - the QQ is as well.

By the end of the day I'd gone through my whole budget but guess what? The Quad Queen came through with a plus $270 win on the day. Nice going!!!

We headed to bed early because we have to start getting back on Eastern time. Our flight out on the 31st leaves at 6:00 AM so that means a 3:30 AM wake up. Or just staying up all night...

Our room in the east tower at the Cal sucks. I hate it. Kids were running up and down the hall, there was people banging the doors of the shitty armoires that take the place of closets - because there isn't room for any. Tiny bathroom. Lousy HVAC system.

The worst thing was that there was smoke wafting in all night long, and as we readied for beddy-byes, we could smell it again.

Pro traveller tip - bring electrical tape with you. Air flow from outside blows into the casino and forces air up the elevator shafts, bringing stench with it, and in around the hotel room door.

We taped the seams up with Wendy O Williams brand electrical nipple tape and stuffed a towel at the bottom of the door. Problem solved.

This was the last straw for our host. That host is toast. She should have fixed this and she didn't. I booked this room two months ago. And we talked to her yesterday about the problem and it didn't get fixed.

We've taken very good care of her, and this is not how you take care of a guest. So that's it.


    1. Never have found a Host to be helpful. Now that Boyd has redone their slot club and made the higher tiers (Emerald and higher) almost if not impossible for the out-of-towner to achieve without playing the $ slots constantly. Your 5 cent video poker is probably not something she cares to reward now as she has in the past. Your loyalty as a customer has stayed, but her loyalty to you seems to have strayed. Starting Jan 1 your current tier credits go to zero and you have to earn your level all over again. 15,000 credits for Emerald. At $2.00 a credit on slot machines, $5.00 a credit on Bonus poker and $10.00 a credit on Double Double bonus, you do the math. $ amounts might not be exact but in the ball park from other posts I have seen on the web. Good Luck and give her a nice tip.

    2. Glad your back in action Flusher. Is video poker some hip teenage slang for something else these days?


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