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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Las Vegas 86, Flushers 3 - Post Trip Accounting Spin!

They keep saying I have to face the music. I think they mean 'turn your cauliflower ears toward the music'.

And I refuse. This last trip was a stinker, in terms of return on gambling bankroll 'investment'. I think we probably had worse luck on this one than on almost any other of some 60 odd trips.

So how do you deal with that? Well, for one thing, you don't add it up. It's like getting blown out 86-3 in a playoff game - you just put it away, there's no point in saying 'let's figure out what little things we have to tweak for next time'.

The bright spot about all this is... the Post Trip Accounting Spin!!! Let's look at how much money we saved!

First of all, transportation was dirt cheap. We had enough points on our First Regional Bank of Flusherville Gold Elite Infinite Super Wolf Blood Moon Mastervisa card to cover our airfare - which included a total of six flights. Pearson to Denver, Denver to Vegas, Vegas to Houston, Houston to Tampa, Tampa to Washington, and Washington to Pearson.

That's a lot of flying fun for no money, notwithstanding the fees of a couple of hundred bucks.

MGM Resorts comp offers have been outstanding in the latter part of 2018 (and continue to be!). They just keep banking the resort fees and giving free rooms, and food and freeplay.

Comp Amount Notes
Aria 3 nights$600I looked up the rates for similar dates in 2019
Aria free play$50
Aria resort credit$50
Wynn 1 night free$200 We still paid $447 for room, food, etc.
Wynn free play$200
Wynn buffets$180We had 6, we used 3. Overrated.
California 3 nights$300
California free play$60From points.
California food$300
Golden Nugget Freeplay$80This is the end of the freeplay free-for-all at the Nugget. They don't love us!

That's actually more than I expected. I usually don't count rooms as being that much, but it was super prime time for some of the nights, and it's also come to my attention that average room rates in Las Vegas are $130. So I've probably been a little light on room comp value in past trip reports. EVEN MORE REASON TO GO TO VEGAS!!!

Do Main Street Station scratch cards count as a comp?
After leaving Vegas, we spent a few days in Florida playing 'Dodge the Walkers' and avoiding any and all of the parks in fear of our lives.

Unlike Vegas, the weather was warm and sunny - really enjoyable, and an important recharger before facing the travesty that will likely be my 2019. I don't like to set high expectations, so anything better than a complete unmitigated clusterflusher will be a pleasant and welcome surprise.

With that in mind, here's what happened upon our return to Canada.

Oh fuck it, I was going to write a 3,000 exploration of my stupidity, but in a nutshell, we landed, and I took the wrong suitcase. And the lady whose suitcase I took, took my suitcase.

I noticed this only after we were on the UP train from Pearson to Union Station to catch VIA to Flusherville. I'd unpacked my iPhone cable and ended up leaving it on the UP train as we scrambled to get off before it left the airport. I lost the cable for good.

I spent about 30 minutes tearing around the airport trying to communicate with the idiot who took my bag. Even though I asked 4 times, she wouldn't come back to the terminal and forced me to track her down in the parking structure "in front of some elevators by the rental cars".

Fortunately, the exchange was made. We are both 50% at fault. Except that I mostly blame her. Flusher's rule.

See you soon!

I'm the one in the tights.

Had enough of Flushiepants?


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To make it work, I've pulled every cheap bastard frugally savvy trick I can think of.


    1. I once took someone's bag from the airport. I was on the train to the train (I know) and I reached into the front pocket to get out my Metrocard and thought TSA stole it. Then for some reason, I checked another bag and found a printout for a hotel reservation for a woman named Anastasia. At this hour of night, the Airtrain only runs in one direction so I had to do the entire loop. When I got there, my bag was sitting on the floor next to the now stopped conveyor belt, no people. I switched out the bags and ran back to the train. Not sure where Anastasia was or how long it took her to figure out that the wrong bag was now magically the right bag. 100% my fault.

    2. Flusher,
      The links to the individual trips don't work....
      Any suggestions?
      I truly enjoy your posts.


      1. Not sure what the issue is. It works for me, but if it doesn't work for you, feel free to blame Jimmy Poon.


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