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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

A New Day, a New Set of Balls

The D has a 10 cent Deano rate on live keno. Keno is a terrible game. You shouldn't play it. I bought $200 worth of games.

I'd been on QQ's case to check her card at the desk to see if she had any freeplay, because I suspected she did. And she did! $20.

We also got a spin on some sort of kiosk thing for some reason that I don't know.

The QQ got 10,000 points and I got 25,000. These could be cashed for a total of $35, used as $35 freeplay, or used for food at a 40% discount.

So it was a $55 win just for going to the booth. Cool

Breakfast was delish as usual - club sandwich for the lady, omelette for the gent.

Today's Special Art Installation is BE SAVVY, by Flusher. Banksy, you can suck it.
After breakfast at the Cal, I walked over to The D and set up a ticket with three groups of 4, three groups of 5, one group of 6 and one group of 7. That's 80 cents a game.

With this ticket, I can be in action 24 hours a day, except overnight when the keno is closed. And, I can follow it on the site.

Having a drink in the room at Wynn? Play keno.

Eating a meal? Play keno.

Listening to your wife's issues and observations about things such as 'what's that smell'?

Listen carefully and play keno.

We moved to Wynn today, and there isn't much for a machine jockey to play there, so why not relax and gamble 80 cents every three minutes on a bunch of balls that hate you?

Ticket purchased, I was about to leave the D and suddenly thought maybe I might have a bit of freeplay. I seem to get $5 a month.

The first machine I saw, I put my card into.

Hey, $5! Cool.

I didn't even sit down, just pulled up 8/5 Bonus with Royal Progressive, and played a couple of hands. Hey, got a full house, cool.

I played a few more hands, played it down to about $10 and then...

...dealt quad.

I already had $40 of my $200 back. And I actually cashed it out and took the dough.

Back at the Cal, it was time to pack up and ship out, and dead on noon, we were outta there.

Destination: Wynn, via Palace Station.

We've been to Vegas around 60 times (which is kind of scary) and never been to Palace Station, even though we drive by it every trip.

Observation - Apple's maps app is crap. Google maps is better. Apple had us completely going past Palace Station, and then when I took an exit that led directly to it, it wanted us to turn around and go all wonky here and there.

I used Google maps for turn by turn a couple of times lately, and it was perfect. Very clear instructions. Google for the win.

A few minutes later, Palace Station. We parked for free, in a very good spot, I might add.

The casino, I understand, has been completely renovated, and it looks pretty good to me.

We picked a couple of machines which turned out to be 50 cent and up, but what the heck. We gave it a shot. And we got on a really nice run.

The Quad Queen hit four Kings, and my next hand I got a quad as well. For half an hour, we pounded away, getting hits enough to keep us going. Finally, it all petered out though, but it was a fun play, and a good start to maybe triggering offers.

As is typical for me, I had an issue. My card had kept timing out or going invalid or something, and I'd have to insert it three or four times to get it accepted again. When we finished, I noticed it had timed out again (see above) and I was worried I'd lost a lot of points.

Long story short, the shift supervisor checked it out and came back and said, "Yep, the machine screwed you."

I like her already.

She promised it would be sorted.

We moved to the 98.8% bank of uprights near the Sports Book and I decided to take a flyer on a weird game that gives mucho dinero for things like Jacks/Queens/Kings with a Jack/Queen/King kicker.

It's called Double Double Sit on my Faces or something.

Dealt Straight Flush!

I had some really nice hits on it, and worked it up to over $100. I decided to go for broke and do my best to try to hit a premium quad.

I made it! I went for broke and I made broke!

Buffalo seemed like a fun idea, and the Quad Queen opted for dollar Bonus Poker. I got a text from her, and she'd got a straight flush of her own for $250.

The kid was hot!

One for Jimmy Poon.

Overall, QQ made a few bucks at P.S., and I lost. Sound familiar?

Fake Siri, get me to Wynn!


    1. Don't hold your breath about getting an offer from any Station Casino property. Unless they have changed their system lately they do not mail to Canada.I wrote them off a few years ago.

      1. Thanks for the comment. I have also heard that Stations isn't great for offers. But I can always hope.


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