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Monday, March 18, 2019

Air FU Canada Rough Cessna 172 Service

Robert Timm and John Cook flew a cramped, little Cessna 172 for over 64 days non-stop in 1958, thus inspiring economy class on Air FU Canada Rouge.

St. Patrick's Day, and I had big plans, which basically included picking up a rental car, gambling, and drinking.

You know the drill - pound out yet another jaw-dropping awe-inspiring borderline interesting blog post or two, grab breakfast at the coffee shop counter, and then get sorted.

I whipped over to Main Street to take a marker (ahem) and then grabbed the WAX to the airport for $2.

While waiting for the bus, I witnessed a clown car act of cindness as some goofed up firefighters stopped traffic and helped an old fella across the street.

He didn't actually want to cross the street at all, but their gallantry was still appreciated I'm sure.

The rookie mistake of taking the escalator instead of the elevator, led me to level 2 instead of level 1, but afforded me the chance to photograph an airplane - the one mentioned above.

That done, I found the shuttle for the Car Rental facility and 55 minutes after leaving the Cal, I had my car, a sexy silver Impala.

I hit CVS for some important room camping supplies for the upcoming stay at Wynn, and was thrilled to find Jameson's was on sale. And so was Maker's Mark.

At Walmart, I picked up a cooler bag that holds quite a bit - for a measly five bucks. Perfect.

And then I hauled ass back to the hotel where we got busy gambling and whatnot.

We had a really fun day, and the way my day ended was a surprise, and the way the QQ's day ended was also a surprise.

However... since we have to move this morning, I will post the deets later today, once we're ensconsed in Wynn.

See you then!

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    1. Looks like the car may have a leak, or someone peed on your tire. -wpete aka Lucas McCain


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