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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Let the Coffee Goats Roam

Any landscape drenched in sunshine looks better than winter in Canada. I drank Little Giant coffee while gazing at the mountains from the El Cortez.

I gazed so hard. I gazed like a bastard.
It's Day 5 and the room was adequate. I found a good spot to sit and write where I can watch a keno board - so I don't have to stop gambling to blog.

That took a while, so I moved to the breakfast table at Siegel's 1941 and was delighted to find that it was Senior Decrepit Wednesday - and I qualify. That means I get to order off of the 'special' menu. Translated: Breakfast $6 instead of $12.

Coffee isn't included and that's too bad - because the coffee is bad.

I'm pretty sure I've read this opinion before on vpfree or somewhere, but I thought my coffee wasn't made right, or the cup was dirty, or there was fishwater in it or something.

So I asked for a fresh cup and found out the weird, off taste was... the coffee.

Without exaggeration, it was one of the worst tasting cups I've encountered, so much so that it was undrinkable.

It's called 'Reserve' coffee, so now I know what the word reserve means. It means coffee beans not good enough for instant so they reserve them behind the coffee grinding barn for a couple of years, let the goats roam over them, and then repackage them and ship 'em to Nevada.

Breakfast was fairly good, although I didn't like the sausage patties as much as at other joints. I really wish they had just left the old coffee shop (Careful Kitty's) intact. It would be totally hip and retro now. And good.

(Just confirmed - the cappuccino is a much, much better option at $4 instead of the Goathoof Reserve coffee at $3.45. You'll thank me.)

The gambling plan for today was pretty straight forward - keep hammering the Double Deuces and other coin droppers, and go back to the Four Queens for another bash at parlaying on 9/6 Jacks. And if it didn't work, shift games around to find something that would. Flusher plans are anything but rigid. They are more like gummy worms.

The Deuces continue to beat me up, but the Quad Queen got on the board on Double Double. Awesome!

I had a couple of 'almost hands' and would get a few more throughout the day.

After getting some great advice from the internet, I did the right thing. Amounted to 3 deuces and a 6 and a 10 or something for 20 credits. Boooo.
Time for me to give Double Double bonus and I hit yet another set of Aces, but this time they counted.

Nice set of Aces. No kicker, though.
When I saw a woman get the $500 Deuces dealt to her on one of my machines, it was time to shift gears and move on.

Off to the Four Queens for lunch and Jacks.

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    1. What about the bartops at Chicago Pizza Company. In January the progressive for the Royal was in the $1200's for each suit.


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