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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Flusher Eats The Ultimate CTUG

Nothing beats checking into a high class five star hotel with a $5 Walmart cooler bag full of bourbon and emergency cheese sticks.

The drive to Wynn was easy. I parked, checked in, paid $20 a night for a room upgrade, and got to the room. Nice 'n easy.

The $20 was for a strip view room at Encore. Two queens with the seating area as well. It's a gorgeous room and a great view.

We - errr - unpacked, and then spent some time relaxing in the room (and playing keno).

The Peppermill just down the street from Encore was an easy choice for dinner.

While waiting for a table, we played at the bar.

I pointed out to QQ that the paytable went up past 5 coins worth - the machine would play a lot more than 5 coins. So avoid hitting the Play Max button, and use the play 5 coins button instead.

A minute later, the QQ has a Q. It's ringing up and ringing up.

"Way to go! Hmm, you must have played 20 coins," I said.

"I did?"

A happy accident. She cashed $150 from the bar and used it to buy $150 worth of steak and country throw-up gravy. Okay, more like $45 worth.

Nevermind Country Throw-up Gravy - make up your own bodily fluid metaphor.
The portions at Peppermill are huge. Take a look at this guy's drink and nachos!

After dinner, we went back to Encore and I asked about the tournament. Somehow I thought there would be info waiting for me when I checked in, but there wasn't.

The only time available to play in the slot tournament is when we have an appointment at the I.R.S. to get our ITINs updated.

They wouldn't make any concession to get me an earlier time for the tourney, or to take a no-show's place - and there are always no-shows.

The Quad Queen capped the night with some Pick-a-pair... and a quad.

She'd had a third winning day in a row - and that's not easy to do!

I don't have to tell you where I sat. Watching keno, with no win in sight.

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    1. About 30 trips to Vegas under my belt, 10 more above it. Never been to Peppermill. Going to Vegas next month for my "Last time, damn it I mean it this time trip". Peppermill for dinner will be on the list of things to do.


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