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Friday, March 15, 2019

Flusher Wins in an Unusual and Spectacularly Odd Fashion

I've had a few requests for meetups this trip and I appreciate all of them. Vegas being Vegas, sometimes they happen, and sometimes not.

Sometimes we just get busy gambling and messages don't get seen on time, that sort of thing. So if I missed you, sorry about that!

One of my fine readers was staying at Main Street, but heading home on the red eye this very same day. She said she'd love to get a business card and to meet a true gambling legend, someone revered in his field and admired by all.

Unfortunately, Gordie Howe has passed on, but I could maybe get a business card to her.

We managed to meet up in the Cal. 'N', let's call her, is a bright, young lady, with icy blue eyes, and is a true degenerate. I gave her the card, and the three of us had a nice chat. And, I showed her the Gordie Howe hockey card.

N doesn't live all that terribly far from Flusherville, so we have this and that in common.

Sadly, I had money to lose, so our visit ended. Happy trails, N! Hope that 737 Max worked out for you.

It was Aces for QQ, and a quad for me also, which I didn't photograph, and then lost all the money from.

We have those Aloha meal coupon books, thanks to our host, and the specialty coupon gets you the prime rib dinner - or the NY Strip dinner.

So, at the coffee shop, we opted for the NY Strip. It was one of those 'D' cuts of beef. Fairly tasty, but quite a challenge for the newly dentured.

Fortunately, the Flusher Choppers are up to the task - no blender needed!

My plan for after dinner, was to play blackjack and win some damn money. Incredibly, the Quad Queen had had enough gambling for the day.

I guess that's a good sign, she's having enough fun that she is ready to take some down time.

I headed for the blackjack pit and for some unknown reason... I kept going. I sat down at some machine to play some weird VP game or other - and off the menu, I pulled up Multi-Card Keno.

Twenty bucks went, but I had quite a few small hits of my numbers in the process. Time to play blackjack.

So, twenty more went in. Ding ding ding, won this and that a bit, and went out. Time to get to the tables.

Twenty more went in, and I ordered a Maker's rocks. I adjusted my strategy some, and got some hits, so I had enough credits to play for a bit.

And so began one of the oddest, and most enjoyable gambling evenings of my so-called career. Video keno of all things! No skill needed (other than picking winning numbers and smart combinations).

Imagine my shock when I won something on keno for the second time this trip.

Stacie came by and I ordered another Maker's. But she said, "Umm, sorry, who approved this for you?"

"Who would you like to have approved it? You can, or my host, or Bill Murray or...? Why does it need approval?"

She said, "Sorry, when I worked out of the other bar, it was no problem, but at this other one in the Sportbook, the bartender says I need approval."

"Sorry about that - maybe tell him my host does?"

"Leave this to me," she said.

Fine minutes later, Stacie had gotten the job done and returned with a nice Maker's rocks for me. She asked my name, and introduced herself and we shook on it.

I really appreciated her taking care of things so I could get what I wanted, which was a not unreasonable dollar's worth of Maker's Mark in a plastic cup. She put me, the degenerate customer, above the constraints of the whimsical and unreasonable system, and made me happy. Good on ya, Stacie.

The Maker's kept coming, and I settled in for an unreal couple of hours of chilling, drinking, watching the casino action, and strangely, winning.

See for yourself!

What the flying hell?! $871 bucks on the meter?!

I played on, having a blast, nursing by far the biggest win of the trip. I cashed out at $800 and started again with another $20.

I finally played out the string and then found another machine with Ultra Bonus on it - thinking about Aces, which are $500 on Ultra Bonus.

$20 in, $20 out.

I changed machines, and feeling invincible, opted for Triple Double Bonus.

Third hand, I held a pair and got a pair.

Another set of pointies! This time, they paid, but I was a bit pissed that I didn't get the kicker (yet again) - that cost me $800.

I whined a bit to the woman next to me who responded by falling asleep at her machine 5 minutes later. I toyed with the idea of putting a business card in her pocket or something but instead, opted to be quiet. When she awoke, I asked her if she was okay. Just tired.

No shit?

I finished the night bouncing around on a few other games and when I headed up to bed, I had an $800 ticket and a $100 ticket on me for a net win of $500 on the day.

Now that feels goooooood!


    1. KENO! You round that game, Mr. Flusher!

    2. KENO! You round that game, Mr. Flusher.

    3. 'N', that's me! I only read trip reports once I have my next trip booked, and since I booked my summer birthday trip last night (going July 25-31st) I finally get to read this trip report, that I am honoured to be a part of! It was great meeting you and Quad Queen, hopefully we will cross paths in Vegas again!


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