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Monday, March 11, 2019

In goes the cash, out goes the fun!

Every trip we formulate a plan and every trip that plan gets scattered across the landscape of would-be common sense like a toddler's Lego, just waiting for you to try to walk somewhere in sock feet.

And so Day 1 began, which was really just the end of the travel day. Stuff stashed in our room, I grabbed a few pics out the window and we headed down to the casino.

But so far this time, we've done pretty well, and indeed, our first choice of machines at Mandalay Bay are probably the best quarter play you can find here - and for that matter, in many large strip properties.

A property means a hotel, by the way - it just makes the speaker sound a little more know-it-all.

The game was 9/5 Jacks or Better. On Spin Poker and on 50 play, you can play one hand at a time. And you can parlay by adding hands.

We were bleary-eyed, but would not be denied! In goes the cash, out goes the fun!

To my surprise and delight, on my fourth hand I hit a quad.

What a great way to break the ice! It took the Quad Queen quite a while to get going, but when she did, she took off like a rocket.

Meanwhile, the cocktail waitress came around, and I ordered an Ultra-beer. The Quad Queen ordered a Jameson Diet.

My beer arrived eventually, along with something that was not a Jameson Diet. It might have been Bushmill's, that rotgut, or maybe even well bourbon. It was undrinkable, by either of us.

(Fast forward to this morning, when a coffee I ordered came with some sort of chocolate in it. Service has been lousy in that department. Mandalay Bay got two out of three orders wrong, and Luxor abandoned us for an hour without service. This ties in to the layoffs at MGM properties...)

After about an hour, I'd managed to stay afloat, going from $20 in up to about $70, back down, and cashing out at $41.25.

The Quad Queen did much better on her $20.

This was unusual - first night in Vegas, both of us finishing up on the day. We'd had 7 quads or something between us.

It was after midnight, but everything in the walkway between Mandalay Bay and Luxor was closed. Huh? It's Saturday night and I'm Hungry, dammit!

We ended up at the Luxor food court and a Johnny Rockets cheeseburg hit the spot. It was quite yummy, if pricey. Like $14 each pricey. Fortunately, the $50 resort credit covered it easily.

Additionally, I scored some all-important Mayo packets, and a thing of spicy mustard. And napkins. And Splenda.

By the time we hit the hay it was 5:00 AM eastern time and I'd been up for 22 hours. Now that's degenerate dedication to the gambling cause!

RF: Day +$20
QQ: Day +$180

The ones straight on are mine, the angular ones are the Quad Queen's of course.

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