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Saturday, March 16, 2019

Like You, it Sucks, Royal

"There's Scratch Johan, Googly Eyes Frida, Triple H Martha, Farts de van de Schuren, The Sad Sack (who always smiles), Big Potato Xu, Blort, Wings Angela, Flippers McTavish..."

More on that later, though, here's day 7, Friday.

Once again, the Little Giant performed competently, even expertly, at its complex job of running electricity through an element of appropriate resistant for the local voltage in order to create an increase in molecular activity in the dihydrogen oxide poured into its chamber, and then harnessing the power of gravity to drip the resultant fluid over a prepared mixture of roasted biomass similar in color, scent, granularity and texture to that of Kicking Horse Kick Ass Coffee. With a disposable receptacle fit neatly into the mechanism, the L.G. deposits the effluent, hot and ready for use as a substitute for one hot damn balls good cup of free in-room coffee.

You know the drill - I consume said beverage while creating the historical record that you are now perusing, while the Quad Queen gets degenerate with multiplay in Main Street Station.

I received a few photos and it looked like she was doing fairly well - but what I couldn't see was the number of bills it took in between hits to keep the machines humming and dinging.

Here is a selection:

I got my writing chores done and headed over to join her in another pleasant morning at Main Street Station.

Main Street makes good use of the morning sunshine.
I tried nickel Super Sluttly Slippery Sloppy Times Pay and I could tell it wasn't happening - $60 disappeared in no time at all. I did get one and only one nickel quad.

The person who delivered my scratchcard told me that one of my photos had been shown at an internal employee of the month meeting, and that they appreciate feedback from customers.

Flusher has sway around here, apparently. (So where are the Royals???)

I suspect it was a tweet where MSS asked what do you like or maybe who's your favorite, and I tweeted a photo of Jose from the Boars Head. Hopefully, he won, but there are certainly lots of candidates - MSS has a great staff.

There's Scratch Johan, Googly Eyes Frida, Triple H Martha,  Farts de van de Schuren, The Sad Sack (who always smiles), Big Potato Xu, Blort, Wings Angela, Flippers McTavish, Party Marvin, Greensleeves, Jimmy the K, Egg Salad Eartha, Slips Dominic, and of course, Tex West.

How can you pick just one per month???

We took a break to grab breakfast at the buffet - which turned out to be lunch, because it was 11:00 AM on the dot.

I will leave out the usual photos of buffet food plates with 19 different things on them. Of course, fried chicken goes well with jello, bean salad, and chocolate syrup! You don't need to see that, now do you?

We had another bash at the machines and the Quad Queen got blown out on multiplay again. This has happened before, with the same result. Her stake, her choice - but it left me alone in the casino while she headed back to the room.

I spent some time fucking around with video keno and came one number short of $200 a bunch of times. This should be no surprise.

I took a flyer on a couple of weirdo high volatility games and nailed a quad on the same machine I'd gotten the panic pointies on last night.

Bonus Poker Plus - where Boner Deluxe pays 400 per quad, no kickers involved, thank you very much, Bonus Poker Plus pays 500 - but it squeezes you on the three of a kind, paying back 10 instead of 15.

I had Jimmy Poon do an thorough analysis of this game and he said, "Like you, it sucks, Royal... hee heee hee heee." The return is 95.8% roughly. So, not a bread and butter option, more of a dessert.

We took a break in the room before heading out on a mini coupon run and stakeout at the Mikes Bar.

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    1. Actually that Bonus Poker Plus game pays back 96.96% according to WinPoker analysis. also confirms.


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