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Friday, March 22, 2019

No Reacharounds

After almost two weeks of Vegasing, you start to get a little fatigued. The answer to that is a coupon run.

At least, that's what we told ourselves.

Things worked out perfectly at Wynn - we had a quick play in the casino after packing up all our shit, and the TV told me that I owed $130.00 for our three nights in Encore.

All in all, this is totally acceptable. It's a bargain for a room of that size, quality, and aroma.

We junked all the stuff into the rental car and headed for our next stop - Luxor.

Let me sum up Luxor this way. The more they do to it, the blander and less successful it gets.

Although there was some question in my mind about it, they did indeed let me book just one night on a comp offer that included $50 free play and $100 resort credit.

We had early check in so we'd have a base and wouldn't have to schlep all our possessions and valuables around.

Can I just say that the MGM app completely sucked and failed and frustrated me for 25 minutes before I had to get checked in manually? There, I said it.

It would show me my reservation details and then tell me that the reservation wasn't attached to my account.

Jimmy Poon's kids could code a better system than this one.

We got all our stuff up to our Tower room and surveyed. Not a bad view, fairly basic room, nice enough, couple of armchairs - pretty comfortable.

Next stop - the Orleans.

Taken from El Primo Spotto
The place was super busy and for some reason, I couldn't find a Boyd card, so I stood in line for 15 minutes without getting anywhere and then bailed to have something to eat.

The QQ accompanied me to the buffet, where I used a coupon for 50% off, and she paid the rest out of point, game me a pat on my little bum, and sent me on my way, all grown up now.

The buffet was pretty good, with a broad selection of stuff. I didn't take any pics - who wants to see a mishmash of taters, sausage, a slice of pizza, 9 kinds of salad things, dressing, and a mini snickers bar?

No Reacharounds!
The make some kielbasa there that is smoky-good delicious. That was one of the highlights for me. I got some average hot and sour soup too, a nice change for the palate.

Meanwhile, the Quad Queen was gettin' hammered, and I made the fatal error that ruined my entire day.

I decided to play Double Double Sit on my Faces, with the premium quads centered around the Jacks, Queens, Kings, and Aces.

First try from three, I got four deuces with a kicker - which paid out at the Economy rate. Once again, the right hand on the wrong game.

I parlayed to 50 cent, lost back to $20, de-parlayed to quarters, and went out.

QQ - fail.
Both of us were struggling, and just not feelin' it.

How cute. Penny play.

TWO cents this time, Quad Queen?
After a couple of hours of gamble-flailing, we headed to the bConned booth again and each picked up a free $300 shirt. They're pretty nice shirts and will sit nicely above the asses we just got kicked.

In the line for the desk, I made a decision, carefully thought through and supported by an eloquent verbal dissertation, explaining thoroughly the concept, the reasoning behind the idea, and the logical outcome of same.

"Fuck the coupon run."

The vote was unanimous. Only one single ballot was cast and counted because I had the car keys.

There was no formal request for a recount.

I have to say, I am sorry this post doesn't have a stellar, flashy, exciting component to it - but I call it the way it happened - and we are just dog tired. We've used our time here very thoroughly. The little downtime I have had usually gets eaten up by writing, something I'm sure is appreciated. I enjoy doing it, and enjoy that people actually read it (and not those phony AI people, either!).

Now let's see... so, having said that, we took a half an hour to have a cocktail in the room, and then headed down to the Luxor casino to play some, and then have dinner.

The $100 resort credit would go a long way towards a steak, so after more flailing, we asked for a table at Tender. It wasn't hard to get, there was only three other tables dining. The people sitting at the tables were going hungry, but the tables themselves were having a field day.

I would like to apologize for the previous struck out sentence. Silly struck out things will be eliminated from this blog going forward.

Dinner was simple and delicious. We split crab legs, and a porterhouse (medium rare), baked potato, and Cheesy Potato Lynonaise au Gratin du Fromage.

The only downside was the incredibly loud party of eight in the center of the room.

When we got up to leave, I went over to the busboy, Juan Manuel, and whispered to him, "Does everybody in here have to fucking shout all through dinner or is it just those assholes?"

Juan remained calm and discrete. He had nothing to add, it had all been said.

It's check out time here at Luxor so I'm going to dump in the photos from the rest of the night.

I had a pretty bad asskicking today, but the Quad Queen recovered nicely with a multiplay run in the High Limit room.


    1. If that is the high limit room in the last photo, they were not having a busy night. Has the loss of good pay schedules decimated video poker?

      1. That's a part of the casino near the high limit room. The high limit room was not heavily used, but more telling was the state of the bar in high limit. They used to have full pay video poker at the bar including 9/6 Jacks.

        It's been completely slashed and guess what???

        The bar was shut down completely Thursday evening. When will they ever Bob Dylan? When will they evvvver Bob Dylan.

        Sorry, meant when will they ever learn.


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