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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Taco Taco Hat!

Eagle-eyed readers have pointed out that drinks will be comped when actively wagering a fifth of a cent.
Taco taco hat! I wanna wear a taco hat! (With apologies to Homer S.)

Lunch at Magnolia's in the Four Queens. I never get tired of eating here for free. We walked over an just about got blown away, it was so windy.

Today, instead of the twin hubcap cheeseburger, I opted for the taco hat. It's a little healthier for you (if you don't wear the hat). It has salad. And chicken. And refried bombs. And lots of prizes to find as you eat.

The Quad Queen had one of her traditional club sandwiches. It was good (I hear) and so were the fries (I had).

Next stop - gambling, and hoping we could find the quads we couldn't find yesterday at the same game.

Weird things were happening around.

I saw something I've never ever seen before when somebody hit a Royal Flush.

The guy behind us hit a Royal. We heard his buddy yip and turned around for a look. The winner watched the credits roll up and when he hit the 4000, he just hit deal again and continued playing.

Just like that. Didn't even take a mo'.

Secondly, the guy two seats over was on a tear on Jacks. On dollars he was up to about $400. He was cruising along. After a while I heard him ringing up some credits and he had four Aces.

But he'd switched to Double Double and was in for $800. (I think he held Ace Queen unsuited, but I decided not to mention it.)

He cashed out about $1400, which made me happy to see.

So everyone was winning! But what about us???

Well, the Quad Queen earned her moniker once again and got on an amazing quad run, hitting four in about 12 minutes. The only thing is... where was the money?

Inspired, I managed on of my own - on Double Double.

I even cashed out some profit! IKR? Don't worry... I went on tilt later and blew half it back.

Tired of getting dick all for her hits, and not getting hits when parlayed, the Quad Queen did what she does best - flim flam around on weird game choices and make them pay, including a straight flush on a rare game that pays double for them. Not many paytables do this.

We played, and we played, and we played some more. I missed yet another four to a Royal draw.

Finally vanquished yet again by those dad gum machines, we returned to the Elco, where I had a brief date with the 'Stones.

I got four Yabba Dabba Doo bonuses, but $40 didn't last long, even at min bet. I never seem to get anything on the regular spins on this game, it all seems to be about the bonuses.

There was some sort of a draw, so we hung around for that to confirm that we didn't win shit, and were successful at achieving that goal.

We decided to finish the evening off drinking and playing stupid games. Keno in my case, and penny video poker in the Quad Queen's case. I also tried some quarter stuff as well.

We met with not much success, although I did have one hit on Keno. Just one more number and it woulda been almost a grand. Woulda woulda woulda. That's my middle name.

The best part was meeting a little dog. She was a sweetheart and made us miss Chippy.

Shortly after this pic, the dog squatted and peed on the carpet. We're the only ones who saw.

And I remarked that she had the best teats I've ever seen in the ElCo.

That got me a smack.

Then I added 'besides yours, of course'.

That got me another smack.

The Quad Queen out-gambled me this day. We had a blast, but still I am going through my entire budget. She managed to keep over half, so that's encouraging.

Tomorrow we move to the California!

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