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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The Loose Doose Video Poker Vortex

"The move to Treasure Chest marks the start of when things got weird. Unknown to us at the time, we were sitting in a vortex of video poker karma."

We had a really good run back on the five play, and overall, my first $20 bill lasted 2 hours on it, and I cashed out $40 (plus scratch cards). Outstanding.

QQ's 10x spinner. Sadly, no quads emerged. Still a pretty nice hand.
I kind of had some ideas of things I wanted to try, and next up was Pay the Aces (No Faces), which in honor of yesterday's Palace Station revelations, I have adapted to call Sit on my Faces.

I went to break a bill, and when I got back, Mrs. F had gotten three Aces dealt, with no faces. That pays 250 coins right off the bat.

Four Aces dealt with no face card pays almost two grand. Someday.

More importantly, she'd noticed the perfect coffee mug, sitting next to the machine, abandoned. I've been looking for the ideal, plastic, light, durable coffee mug for some time - and this was it. I decided to hang on the the Sit on my Mug.

I played through $20 without much luck on the Sit on my Aces, but the Quad Queen had her huge bin of quarters, so we carted those over to Treasure Chest to see what we could get going.

The move to Treasure Chest marks the start of when things got weird. Unknown to us at the time, we were sitting in a vortex of video poker karma.

First of all, the dealt quads on Treasure Chest.

I got Kings, and the Quad Queen got... you guessed it. Queens.

Very nice. We played on and there was a commotion behind us, at the five play machines we'd spent two hours on playing Bonus Poker.

The credits were ringing up seemingly endlessly, so I went over to have a look. There was a group of three people, playing two machines sort of together.

The lady of the group had hit a beauty.

Just to be clear - this is not my jackpot.

Some lucky person got dealt Aces Kicker with a 5x multiplier.
My only comment was, "Congrats! Don't forget your scratch cards!"

Not my jackpot - some lucky stranger's.
I didn't mind too much that they'd hit this on one of our machines - we hadn't played any Double Double Bonus at all, so there was no feeling of second-guessing.

The Quad Queen cashed in her quarters and moved over a couple of machines. My Treasure Chest dough finally petered out and I joined her, with the idea of playing single line Bonus Poker.

She was having a go at the Loose Doose, so I thought, what the heck, I'll give it a try.

There was a commotion from the group of three and more credits ringing up endlessly. The guys had hit a Royal Flush!

This was where it started to get truly weird.

I held a single deuce and the other four popped up.

"I got them."


Sweet! 2500 quarters! Man, I was ecstatic. Funny that it came from one, when we sweat every time three are dealt, or even perking up for two.

I played a few more hands and said to the Quad Queen (and this is the honest truth), "You know... I feel like I can get them again."

At 2500 credits I cashed out, and put in another $20.

A strange calm came over me, and I played slowly, methodically, kind of in a concentration zen-like trance.

It was only five minutes later.

"I got them again. Dealt... on the redeal."

I'd had nothing to hold on that hand, and threw away all five cards, as strategy dictates.

The machine then dealt the four delightful ducks.

As we were admiring the hand, a young, thin fellow who looked like Frank Zappa stopped by and congratulated me. We got talking, and he told about when he got the deuces on that very machine one time.

He showed us a photo of it. His strategy is very aggressive - just go for the big hands and don't worry about it, and don't play for long. Hit and run.

Frank Zappa said, "I'm going to try to get the Deuces!"

We discussed clumping, my observation that so many stories have people hitting something, and then hitting it again on the machine beside the one they got the jackpot on and getting it again.

This happened last trip with the two nickel Royals five minutes apart, the trip before that with three sets of Aces Kicker in about 10 minutes, and now, with the people behind us hitting two jackpots, and me hitting Deuces twice in five minutes.

It was like everyone in the area was hitting!

Frank Zappa said, "Forget the Deuces, I like the Aces Kicker stories, I'm going to go play Double Double Bonus! Fist bump, good lucks, and off he went.

I played some more hands until I was at 2,500 credits again, and cashed out. I felt like I was done at that game.

Next thing you know, just a minute later, Frank Zappa is shouting at me from across the aisle.

He'd fired up the 25 cent 10 coiner Double Double Bonus progressive and hit the Royal Flush for almost $2,400.


You'd never know that this was, for a short period, a Deuces Full Moon Karma Royal Pointies Jackpot Vortex. Maybe it's the carpet.
And that's when we realized something. All of this had started immediately we'd found that coffee mug.

The mug... was lucky.

The Quad Queen want to do some multiplay (10-play - GAK!) on the corner machines, so we went over there.

I tried Double Double, and in a minute hit four Fulls House, and a Quad (no kicker).

This was my day. Unfortunately, it was not the Quad Queen's day. She dumped $200 chasing the 10-play. It's okay, I had her back.

And the fact that I hadn't been able to be in Wynn tournament had indeed led to something far better.

It was time to go, and outside Main Street Station, just after I got the valet ticket out of my wallet, I realized something.

"THE LUCKY MUG!!!!!!!!"

Shit! No! I'd left it on the last machine we'd played. The mug was the kind they use in the buffet and in the Cal coffee shop. If any cleaner or cocktail waitress saw it, it would be gone in a flash.

I literally jogged through Main Street - that mug was not going to get away!

To my relief, there it sat, waiting to be stolen for it's new loving owner to take it home.

We drove back to Wynn and had a couple of stiff celebration drinks. It felt good.

Some tourists are sporting unusual headwear.
For dinner, we walked to T.I. and ate at the coffee shop, stopping at the bar for $80 worth of video poker fail drinks. Oh well.

The Kung Pao chicken at the Coffee Shop was again just amazing. I ate it all. The QQ's club sandwich looked great too. She ate half, and brought half back for breakfast.

More interesting Spring Headwear - the rice hat.
Although it made me sad to pay full freight for a meal, it was worth it.

Back at Wynn, we had a bash in the casino. My luck had fled and my allocated $100 went away.

The QQ hit another pick-a-pair quad to cover me off, so we collectively lost $5 at Wynn today, and spent exactly $0.00.

I finished up $1300 on the day, with QQ down $320.

This was a day I will remember for a long time. This is why we come to Vegas.


    1. These days are the days that we remember.

      It's also why we keep coming back.

      Well done.

    2. Congrats on such a good day! And for navigation, try actually knows where things are!

    3. Congrats on such a good day! And for navigation, try the Waze actually knows where things are!

    4. Just two days before, a man dropped a $50 Bill in the California Gift Shop. My wife chased him down and returned the cash. We walked over to MSS and within 15 Min of each other, my wife hit a Royal and Aces/Kiker. Now that's Karma. I was concerned about the man who the $50 bill was returned to though. We all know, $50 bills are bad luck in the gambling world.


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