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Saturday, March 16, 2019

You Meet the Nicest Degenerates in a Bar

You meet the nicest degenerates in a bar. Particularly a video poker bar.

We headed out on a little walkabout with the goal of tormenting Mike as the Leafs beat the Flyers. Just before game time I put my money where my mouth was, and then I took it out of my mouth and bet it on the Leafs.

I don't know for sports betting, so I saw the Leafs on the board (#22) and put $20 on them to win. Mike later said I should have taken the odds puck offset spread icing over under line. But I didn't know what that was. One of these days...

My bet kind of sucked - bet $20 to win $29.10. That would make the Leafs somewhat of the favorite.

We headed to the Downtown Grand first and did a match play there. It went stupid well.

$10 each at blackjack, with the coupon, I got dealt 11, and QQ got dealt a blackjack. I doubled down and got a ten. Dealer busted.

Quick $65 win for Team Flusher
Next stop, the Four Queens, where we did $10 slot play coupons. And those were played at the Mikes bar where we hung out for the next couple of hours, watching the game.

The Flyers took and early lead and the Leafs tied. Then they got a go-ahead goal but that was disallowed because goal post mag net.

The Flyers later scored a bunch more in the second, and lead like 5-2 or something. Uh oh.

The tools of the trade, emblazoned with Flyers logos. I'll stop there.
Meanwhile, we played mostly Double Double Bonus at the bar.

I noticed Mike talking to a couple of folks and then he came over and let me know that they wanted to say hi, if I was there. I was, and he said 'they're good folks'. So I went over and met Dominix and Tamara, or something like that.

(I actually do remember, but we all value anonominity, right?)

These guys are from Winnipeg, and thus, are wonderful people, except when it comes to the Blue Bombers, who suck compared to the Roughriders. That's given.

Very nice folks, and hope to see them again sometime as they suck up the booze St. Boniface style and hammer the video poker. I guess I can be rightly accused of the same.

Meanwhile, I was getting enough to keep me going, but the Quad Queen was hurtin'.

She finally did hit a nice one... no kicker though.

QQ's pointies.
She had a failed four-to-a-royal attempt, as dd I.

What else is new?

An insult to video poker - the Bent Flush.
Mike went off shift, but the Leafs had closed to within one, with the score 5-4 at the end of the second. We headed on our way, stopping in at Fremont to mess with the STP Bonus machines. We'd had a bunch of drinks so I took a bunch of stupid photos. I also made $41.

The cocktail waitress asked if I wanted another drink, and I said, brilliantly, "No thanks, I have to drive... in two days."

"I'll have a giant fucking platter loaded with Chinese Food please, and a tiny cheeseburger for my imaginary friend."

Giant Chinese Cuisine for the win against teeny-tiny American Favorite hot dog, cheeseburger, and fries. What is that, a hot dog... for ANTS?
Oh Quad Queen! You can't drive just yet either! And fix that sore on your finger, it's unsightly!
Is this where I do the E Street Shuffle?
Time for dinner, and it being Friday, that meant Oxtail Stew! I cajoled a load of fries out of the guy instead of white rice. This was the start of payback for the chatty waiter having taken my mini-Snickers bar that time when I wasn't ready.

The oxtail was excellent.

We adjourned to the coin droppers, where QQ had a hankerin' for some quarter Treasure Chest.

I tried the Double Double next to her, but got nothing but frustration.

Blackjack beckoned, so I went over and bought in for $100, and ordered a Maker's Rocks. And again, I ran into the run-around. One bar would serve it, one would not, and the waitress didn't usually go to the other bar. But this time she would - and came back appropriately festooned with a tray fulla Maker's for me. Double tip for her.

Incidently, Mike told me he couldn't pour Maker's any more. What do all these places have against Maker's? It's not like it's some virgin panty filtered triple Mayflower oak barrel 198 year old Scotch.

Blackjack started astoundingly bad. After 20 minutes I was felted - had to buy in for $10 to do a double, actually, which I won.

I spent the next hour clawing back to even.

In the middle of a hand, my phone dingled with a Facetime call - and I knew what it was. Even though it's verboten, I answered.

Yup, the Quad Queen had hit a Royal Flush on Treasure Chest!!!


I finished the hand (which I won), and took off for the machine to witness it in person.

It was playing the old school happy music, which made me happy. The money made me happier.

I went and played a little more blackjack, betting a dollar side bet for all the other players, and the dealer too, as apology for all the interruption. (I'd come and gone a couple of times, blubbered and yipped, and accused the dealer of letting them take my drink, and then apologized for that, noting that it wasn't her job to watch that, and anyway, the drink, which I'd actually left at the machine when I put it down to take a photo and had to run back and get it and then apologized a second time and man! was I excited!)

I played for a little longer until I had $150 and quit.

The Quad Queen played a little longer, and I played the machine adjacent. After that, she headed up to the room, and I screwed around on all kinds of machines, slowly losing dough.

I should have just quit, it wasn't that fun. Oh well!

The Quad Queen pulled out a $720 win today, and I lost about half that. That's two winning days in a row for the Flushiepantses!


    1. Hey! Those degenerates are my friends. Awesome people and glad you got to meet them. I hope they got an extra Flusher card for me.


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