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Sunday, August 25, 2019

A Girl Kissed Me, And I Liked It

I did a $10 match play at blackjack, which I lost. I did manage to play for 20 minutes on $20, but it was frustrating - I kept getting one bet ahead, then losing. I never got more than $40 total and bet my last $10 a number of times. Up and down, thrashing around. End result zero.

There was this little teaser, just to annoy me.

The bConnected kiosk told me I'd won another buffet so that's what I used for lunch.

Enter the Food Excitement of the Fremont Buffet

Nothing much appealed to me, so I had second breakfast. Generally, the freshest thing at the buffet is a custom-made hand-crafted bespoke omelet.

I now found myself playing things that returned nothing - your normally scheduled gambling.

I was ahead quite a bit at one point in the day - over $300? - and it dwindled to where I was up $50.

Super Times Pay provided another boost with some quads, no multipliers involved.

I fled back to the Cal. The heat today was at the 'surface of the sun' level of unbearable.

The Cal beat me for a couple of hundred, and I went into sulk mode, up in the room, where I could do no further damage. A good time for a break.

Because I'd lost my day's stake. It had gone from good to bad to disaster. I kind of knew it would - one can't sustain a streak like yesterday's for long.

I chilled out and rested and stuff until it was time for the banquet.

I fought the urge to stand up and speak in glowing terms about being here for our own Fred 'The Dorf' Dorfman.

Later tonight... the Comedy Magic of Rupert and Ailea!

 The food was okay, I enjoyed two helpings of roast beast.

Obviously, I didn't win anything in the tournament with a mediocre score. I was in the bottom half of the pecking order, in fact. And I didn't win fuck all in the draw - what I did win was fuck all.

The best part of the event was looking through the scoring results.

Why oh why couldn't have Wang scored just a few more points???
One more time, trekking through the heat back to the Cal. Did I mention the heat?

I took another long break and wondered about whether to play any more. I opted to take another couple of hundred and enjoy myself, starting with Treasure Chest.

My first twenty went very well and I hit one chest for the minimum - 140 credits. That put a total of 240 on my meter, and that lasted half an hour or so.

This happened to annoy and vex me.

I put a second twenty in and a woman and her husband sat down at the two machines to my right.

"Good luck honey," she said, and they shared a little cuddle huddle.

Putting on my best terrible New York accident, I blurted loudly, "Whaddam-I, chopped livah ovah hee-ahh??"
[Translated: Am I unimportant to you?]

She looked at me a little bit alarmed, until she saw my smile.

"How about some luck for me??? Do it. Do it. Right thay-ah. Do it."
[Translated: I would also like to be lucky. Do it. Do it.]

She threw her arms around me and gave me a big hug for luck, and then kissed me on the cheek.

Ask and ye shall receive!

It was a fun moment, but had no discernable lucky impact. I played the $200 out on video poker and video keno and that was that for the day.

My results on the day were, overall, unremarkable. With strong headwinds, a negative win for the reporting period was recorded.
[Translated: I lost my ass. I got fucked.]

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