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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

BTS Korean Restaurant - Fun, Friendly and Filling

Wynn is an amazing resort. Eating at Wynn requires the cashing in of various securities, or qualifying for a gustation line of credit. Wynn is a stone's throw from 200 amazing Asian restaurants.

So, it's not a bad plan to have a rental car if you are watching your hundred dollar bills carefully so that you can nip out for an amazing meal at a reasonable price.

The internet provided some good ideas on where to try for some Korean food, and I settled on BTS Korean Restaurant.

From the Strip, Chinatown is a straight shot down Spring Valley, just a couple of miles or so. BTS is located on Decatur, just south of Spring Valley. But take my word for it - when you go, approach from the east on Twain, and make a right onto Spring Valley. BTS is located in the first plaza on your right. Miss it, and your in for a loop-around. You can guess how I figured this out.

BTS is a smart name for such a place, given the popularity of the K-pop supergroup... BTS. Never heard of them? They made $57M dollars last year.

The decor inside BTS is in fitting with the K-pop roots. It's fun and funky, easygoing and cutesy, with upbeat K-pop music playing in the soundscape.

I arrived at kind of an in-between time of 3:00 PM (which was supper-time according to my EDT stomach) and initially, I was the only patron. But the dining room started to fill with locals as I ate.

I was greeted very warmly by Gwen who showed me the ropes and made suggestions. There's a buffet set up on the bar with all kinds of dishes and sides, and a cool section with kimchi and other banchan.

Kimchi pancakes (top left) - recommended!
You can make a meal out of what's on the bar - it's all you can eat whether you opt for just those items, or order something off the menu. One thing for certain, you won't go away hungry.

My choice was bulgogi bibimbap, and I took it very easy on the all you can eat goodies so I'd have plenty of room.

Finally I can get my kimchi fix! The radish pickles were excellent too.
Gwen set me up with a container of lemon water and a glass, and the moment it was ready, brought the gigantic sizzling bibimbap. She also brought me a side bowl and a large serving spoon to safely deal with the goodies cooking in the hot stone bowl, and safely offload them for cooling in the bowl. And of course, there was hot sauce.

Sizzling hot bulgogi bibimbap. It was amazing.
I thoroughly enjoyed my bimbimbap and sides. I only tried a couple of things besides the kimchi and two kinds of pickle, and they were a little worse for wear considering the weird time of day. I would recommend visiting BTS at a busier time and things would be that much fresher.

The bibimbap was easily the star of my meal and I enjoyed every bite. I consumed it all, leaving nothing behind. It was delicious, with finely shredded meat, tons of fresh vegetables, and of course, topped with an egg.

Can you believe I enjoyed a feast like this for just $15? Not only amazingly delicious, but very reasonable as well. To top it off, BTS includes a Mango ice for dessert.

I ignored the tip guide and left a $20 bill behind, and was happy to do so, since I enjoyed the experience at BTS so much.

If you have a hankering for Korean food, give BTS Korean Restaurant a try!

BTS Korean Restaurant
3650 S Decatur Blvd #24&25
Las Vegas, NV 89103

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