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Monday, August 19, 2019

Full Pay Video Poker

I always feel better having a decent bankroll on me. And all of a sudden, I was flush(er) with cash. Time to strut.

Across the street, I stopped strutting and went into the Fremont. What to do, what to do?... Full pay Bonus Poker Triple Play Slutty Times Pay, that's what.

From the get-go, this machine was happy. I was getting tons of dealt paying hands, improving many of them. The only thing was, I wasn't getting any spinner multipliers.

That's okay for now, I thought - because this game can eat you alive, fast, if you aren't hitting anything.

Next thing I knew, my old nemesis showed up - four to a Royal on multi-play.

I facetimed the Quad Queen and Chippy so they could watch me fail, live.

Finally, I got some decent spinner action.

And the four-to-a-royal thing happened AGAIN.

My credits dropped down alarmingly low and I figured I was out, but I got some fulls house and other things, and then I clawed my way back.

I really hammered this machine hard for a solid hour. And I found myself at exactly $100.25. Time to ponder. Should I just call it quits and be happy I was even? It's very easy to go through $200 or $300 or even more in an hour on this game.

I played on. And instead of the usual plummet to credit death, I pulled out a win.

I cashed that ticket and wandered around a bit.

It seemed like a good time to take a bit of a flyer, so I picked out a likely looking dollar slot and boomed it.

I was running on CTUG power, just going around collecting money! Or so I thought. Roller coasters don't just roll, they coast too.

A Double Deuces machine caught my eye and ate a twenty, as did some weird slot with a $13,000 progressive that hadn't been hit since 1997.

Things were really improving, and with that, I was up on the day. Next stop, the Downtown Grand, to see what was what with the full pay Double Double progressive at the bar.

I had a very delicious $100 IPA and hit fuck all.

Braving the heat, I walked the back route to the California.

Although I now basically hate Fremont street when it is anything but empty, I will say this - the canopy makes a huge difference in the heat level. Unfortunately, the bare sagging football boobs and naked fat men and head-bursting bucket drummers pick up the discomfort slack.

Am I on point or just a cranky old fuck? (You may select more than one option.)

Blackjack at the Cal - $10 a hand, double deck pitch game, no DAS though. I bought in for $100 and went on a tear.

I still have a burning desire to fulfill my dream of winning a $500 purple chip, and within 6 minutes, I was up $60, and within 20 minutes, I was up $175 - over halfway home, including my buy-in. Generally, I'm hoping to buy in for $100 or less and color up a purple chip.

There were just two of us playing to start, but the other fellow left, and the rest of this session was head-to-head, just me and the dealer. Boy it goes fast, that way.

With a dealer change, all of a sudden, my luck disappeared. It was ugly. And I found myself with $105, wondering whether to bail or keep going and probably get felted.

I made a bet, won it, bumped to $15, and lost. I colored exactly what I'd bought in for, after an hour of play, leaving behind $175 in winnings that I'd given back. It kind of sucked, but at least I'd broken even.


    1. Haven't been to Vegas since 2015, is really that bad under the canopy now?

      1. In a nutshell, yes. If you're out and about when it's busy like at night, it's pretty intense. Some people like that.


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