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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Good Ole Sammy

With the recent addition of some half-and-half cream, I've upped the quality of my in-room morning coffee ritual significantly. Wynn, I've upped mine, now up yours.

But that's this morning as I write, not yesterday morning, which is where we are in the blog.

As usual, I chilled much of the morning away in the room, writing and eating punishment breakfast. The plan was to to and play in the casino for a while, and then head out in the rental to have some lunch at a local chinese place.

Unbelievably I hit yet another jackpot on video Keno. I hit a 5 out of 5 with those same numbers from yesterday.

It took a while to do it but it finally came in and then I was ready to go for lunch. My plan was to hop in the car and drive West on Spring Mountain until I found a place that I liked and if I didn't would go to KJ kitchen, which is where I ended up.

KJ kitchen is a very typical down home locals Chinese restaurant with no frills and a focus on inexpensive food quickly delivered. I've eaten here before and it was excellent and terrific value for the price.

After being greeted by the very fancy doorman, I was seated at the Single Lonely Diner table, the one nearest to the roaring aquarium pumps, the ones that keep alive tonights dinner choices.

t's pretty hard to beat a $6.95 lunch special compared to prices on the Strip. I opted for the Kung Pao chicken which comes with egg drop soup and a pot of Chinese tea.

I was in and out of there in about 20 minutes and down $10 including a decent tip.

Next stop was Walmart where I did some additional room camping shopping. I  picked up something to make my Little Giant coffee even better - a pint of half and half.

I hauled all my additional supplies up to the room and added ice to my 'fridge'. Room camping, or as one reader pointed out, room glamping - at Wynn is working really well. As in I haven't spent a dime on food here yet. And I'm up a couple of packets of mayo. Wynning!

After spending some time dusting myself off, showering, fussing about and so on, I went down and fired up video keno with three 5-spot cards. On my first $20 bill, the 5 out of 5 hit AGAIN.

This nicely fueled quite a long play. Eventually, I switched to video poker, playing 7/5 Bonus Poker. I always grimace when I have to do that.

Bizarrely, I hit a straight flush from three. It sure is pretty.

The profits on that dwindled down to nothing and I cashed out even. It was a shame because I was having a really good run on 50 cent video poker, and it turned on me like a cornered ferret.

If you've ever had a rabid ferret launch itself at your face, you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't, you can experience the same thing on a bad run of short pay video poker.

I headed over to Encore to the scenes of my triumphs the previous night. But it was nothing doing.

This was about the point that my luck turned, and I floated from having a pretty good win on the day back to even, and then down a little, despite some Buffalo chips being thrown at me.

I regrouped in the room, having a cocktail and some rejuvenation sandwiches - Dave's Killer whole grain bread, jalapeno mustard, pilfered mayo, jalapeno jack cheese, smoked turkey, some chips, and another cocktail.

It's actually kind of nice to be able to retreat and have a normal good ole sammy in the peace and quiet of my luxury room.

After that, I cobbled together a plan to see if I could win back some money. The plan, basically, was to go on walkabout and play blackjack at T.I., and then play at Mirage to get the 1,500 tier points I needed to get to Gold.


    1. That photo of Treasure Island! It makes me want to be there right now. You can just feel the Vegas when you look at it.

    2. Always a great read mr keno. i see you are now mr master keno based on numerous 5 of 5. Wondering if you should go for 6 or perhaps 7? Best of luck and as always, many thanks for taking us alone....


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