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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Mandalay Bay Noodle Shop

It's nice to have resort credit and to ponder just where you will consume it in the guise of the local Moonar Cuisine. There are so many possibilities!

Later on, I devised a plan to play a bit more and then eat at Mandalay Bay. I still had some resort credit to use up. I played $200 in video keno, which is an awful game. Nearing zero, I hit something. And then I kind of repeated the exercise.

I've had many of those five out of five hits, but what I'm craving is the six out of six. Because that would pay me for six five out of fives, and one six out of six - almost an order of magnitude above what I've been winning on these hands.

Over at MB, I hit up the Noodle Shop for some hot and sour soup and Kung Pao chicken.

The Seizure-inducing tableware at the Noodle Shop. Some poor fucker has the job of making every one of these little marks by hand. He works at Royal Canadian Veeblefetzer.

The soup was excellent and the Kung Pao pretty tasty - except that it wasn't very hot. Oddly, some bites from the plate were pretty hot, and some were room temperature. Did they use a microwave?...

On another day I would have sent it back, demanding the searing surface of the sun temperatures a freshly wokked Kung Pao should be. But not today.

An actual fortune from my cookie.
After dinner, I played at Mandalay Bay, hammering hard, much harder than I normally would have - except I was getting very close to making Gold.

Made $60 on this machine. 

I had an extremely long run on video keno, horrible game, and got one Moontastic hit of five out of five.

I played on this for a long, long, long time, enjoying many servings of Moonar Vodka.

This game only had four cards, compared to the many on the games I've been playing this trip. And the stakes are a bit higher.

The effect of this is that instead of having six five-cards going and one six-card, you only get three of the possible five-cards and one six.

Getting low on credits, I was desperate for another win and it came in the form of five numbers. WOOHOO!!!! I was saved again! Except I wasn't. It didn't pay $200 like I was expecting, it payed like $35 or something. Because the five numbers of my grouping did not constitute a five out of five. I had three four out of fives and a five out of six.


The net effect of all this this was that I lost my entire day's stake plus whatever winnings I had from Excalibur. This pissed me off mightily, but only because I'd stupidly played $2.25 a throw on Buffalo Stampede and blow through my last $200 in 15 minutes. Yes, I was pissed off at myself.

At least, though, I finished with only 2,000 tier points to go to make Gold. Considering I was 18 or 19K short when I arrived, it seems a sure thing now that I'll get that done.

And tomorrow is another day. A Wynning day.

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    1. Hot and sour soup! Now we're talking. Just a couple questions about the soup. Is the... never mind. Hope you are feeling better!


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