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Friday, August 23, 2019

Mrs. Firenze's Karma Sauce

CW Photo Bomb
Yesterday when I was playing at Wynn, a woman sat down beside me, played five hands of video blackjack, putting money in three times, and then pounded the buttons while shouting angry Italian sounds. So it can always be worse.

She'd sat down and put $20 in for video blackjack. She hit the Deal button and won $40. She played two more hands, lost them both, and then wondered what was happening.

After some time, she put in $20 more and repeated the process. This time the wondering had blossomed into namecalling and mild cursing, along with bewilderment.

Then she put in $20 more, played one hand, lost, and that's when the molto voce started. The anger! The frustration! The smashing of both palms onto the machine!

I was watching out of the corner of my eye - actually, more the wall of my eye, with crown molding and a fresh coat of paint - and knew what was going on.

She put in a fourth $20 bill and taking my life in my hands, interrupted her. I held up one finger and said 'you want to bet just one?' and pointed to the BET ONE CREDIT button.

Mrs. Firenze had been mashing the DEAL button, which repeated the last bet, which was 20 credits, the machine's maximum.

The dim little light turned into a bright shining star and Mrs. Firenze all of a sudden got it.

"Thank you . Thank you. I puta money, not know why all gone, I bet one now ella bella cursa blackjack button vapor callenta more Italian words lotsa vowels - thank you. You are very kind person."

So, you see, I can be a very kind person. I'm still waiting for the karma for that little event to pay off.

As you'll know if you read the previous post, I had a rough ride, and while in my cups, had to resort to some fairly violent bankroll repair attempts in the late stages of the evening's gambling.

Per my plan, I played out my points, going for a five-spot ticket with 50 cents bet. I didn't hit.

Then I took the Savvy Donor Foundation's emergency reliefe check and played $100 on super volatile high stakes Buffalo. I got naught a sausage. Bugger all.

Then I hauled my fairly inebriated carcass to bed.

Today will be a better day. I have loads of coupons to use, I have a move downtown to the Cal, and I have tons of Mrs. Firenza's Karma Sauce in my corner, on my wall, and down the front of my shirt.

Yeah, it's gonna be a bitchin' day!

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