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Monday, August 19, 2019

Noodling Around the House

The Noodle House at the Cal has a new special at happy hour. From 4:00 PM until 6:00 PM, Sunday through Thursday, you can choose from four dishes for just $8.88. There are appetizers too at $2.88, including hot and sour soup, and spring rolls.

The mains are:

chashu pork, bean sprouts, bok choy, egg

battered chicken pieces, sesame, spring onions, steamed rice

stir-fried tofu and minced pork, broad bean sauce, steamed rice

fresh noodle, chicken, cabbage, carrots

Add-ons for $2.88:

MOCHI ICE CREAM - only $1.88

Don't blame me for the all caps - copy/paste.

I was happy to be taken care of by Beatriz, who has been serving me since the Pasta Pirate days. Remember that place?

The Orange Chicken seemed like a good bet, and I asked for (and received) it to be made spicy. And I added on the Spring Rolls.

For some reason, the chicken dish came with a gigantic spoon. I think it was meant for serving the dish out, but to whom, and on what, I could not fathom. Because I didn't have another plate, other than the small spring roll one, to serve onto. And what would be the point?

I giggled, photoed, and ate. The orange chicken was excellent, but there was a bit too much sauce. Minor quibble.

After eating, while waiting for the check to get processed, I stood. Beatriz came back, and I asked, "Am I good to go?" Meaning, did I have enough points to cover the meal.

"Yes, but not before I hug you," she said.

This is why I love downtown. Lovely servers that hug me.

It seemed like a good idea to play $100 in Boner Deluxe, and get some $100 quads.

It was not. I wandered around, playing some Buffalo here and there. $100 went in a really old school one and after losing much of it, I got a decent bonus to get back most of the $100. I bailed and went to video keno. Got a win, but played it to zero.

Since Fremont, the trend was down, and I was definitely down a few hundred on the day.

Some Super Double Fucker Bonus on a $100 bill didn't yield anything, so I relented and switched to 50 cent Bonus, and it worked out! I won my money back.

I played that up past the $200 mark - and I must finally be learning something - I cashed it out.

Then, for spite, I put a single $5 in the machine and played a hand on dollars. And got a $40 full house.

I cashed that out too.

Being pretty tired, I decided to head back to Luxor. I thought it would be easier to get a Lyft from the Plaza, so I wandered over there.

As I walked in, I remembered some Buffalo machines that I like. So I played a twenty on that, and got a shit bonus.

So I played a second twenty. I worked that up to about $60 and though about cashing out - but that's all. Just thought about it.

Instead, I bumped my bet up to $1.50 from $0.75, which seemed like the prudent thing to do.

After about ten minutes of spinning, I got a bonus round. It went okay I guess, but a few spins from the end, I hit a hand that made my jaw drop.

Holy crap. Buffalos across with three multipliers. One in the first reel, a 2x, a 2x and a 3x, and four on the last reel, and my brain was trying to do the math, that would be 8x whatever 5 across is, with more than one of those...

...but then I saw in the lower right hand corner that each set of Buffalos was worth like $70, plus I had other symbols that were multiplied as well.

When it was done, I cashed out $361. And that put me up on the day. And only down $240 on the trip!

Enough. I grabbed a Lyft back to Luxor, headed up to the suite, and poured - what else - a Buffalo Trace.


    1. Digging your trip report. Congrats on the nice hits today. The Orange Chicken looks good, but how orange-y is it? Does the orange flavor over power the rest of the ingredients? Are the orange seeds and peels included or is there an up-charge? Is it artificial orange flavorin added or is it 100% freshly squeezed oranges from Florida? Never mind. I'll pass on it despite the fact that it looks tasty.

      1. Thanks for all the comments on various posts today. :) The orange sauce was very orange. It had the tang of freshness, and the freshness of tang. I'd say it was real orange. However, there really was too much of it - like three times too much. I was putting pieces of chicken into short term storage up on top of the rice for the sauce to drain off.

      2. You are flushing hilarious man. Never change. Hope we're in Vegas at the same time some day.


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