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Saturday, August 17, 2019

The Kegel Has Landed!

As the Kegel continued powered descent towards the surface of Moon Vegas, I could start to see some strange lights - many of them, actually.

"Flusherville, Kegel - she sure looks beautiful down there - bright and glittery, like a bunch of casinos in a desert."

"Roger Kegel. You're GO for powered descent to the Moonar surface. Over."

"Thrust translation - four jets - Balance couple - ON. Tray table stowed and locked. TTCA throttle - MINIMUM."

"Kegel, Flusherville, copy you on the tray table lock. Looking good."

"Throttle - AUTO CDR. Prop button - RESET. Prop button. Okay. Seat in the upright position. AGS is reading 400 plus 1. Standing by for ... what the fuck is that????"


"I've got a 1202 program alarm on my iPhone. It stopped playing my Moon Vegas playlist."

"Roger Kegel, stand by."

"Flusherville, give me a reading on the 1202 program alarm."

"Roger - we're go on that alarm. Go for landing. Select shuffle, and turn the volume up."

Now things got really dicey as I piloted the Kegel just over the moonar landscape, close enough to see all the details on the surface.

"Flusherville, Kegel - throttle down. Flaps down. Gear down. Get down tonight."

"Kegel - 60 seconds of fuel left."

"Flusherville, Kegel - 100 feet, 3 1/2 down, 9 forward... 40 feet, down 2 1/2. Kicking up some dust."

"Thirty seconds of fuel left."

"Jetway contact light... engine stop..."

Finally, a human being had landed on Moon Vegas. I told the world.

"Flusherville, Futility Base here... The Kegel has Landed!!!"

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    1. I see four rockets in your future. I hope they come with a kicker.


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