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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Wynn Slots App Part 1 - How I Stay Free at Wynn

Wynn Las Vegas is one of my favorite places to stay. Its top-ranked and I'm willing to pay more to stay at Wynn than any other property. But I don't have to. Because free.

I mentioned the Wynn slots app briefly in a previous post - but you deserve more details, tips and tricks.

I first heard about this app about a year ago and to be honest, it sounded like an interesting proposition, but I know myself too well. With something like this, there's a good possibility of my getting hooked into it, and playing it obsessively. Apparently good equals 100%.

With the Apollo Yo-Leven mission to be the first person to set foot on Moon Vegas coming up, I finally decided to try it. Maybe I could earn some free nights at Wynn for the trip. Was it possible?

OK, so I installed the app and got going on it - and I was hooked. It's a very well put together application, a little casino world in your palm, with fancy graphics, cool sounds, and real rewards in the offing.

I checked the little booking calendar and Sunday through Thursday room nights for the dates of my mission were cheap - 1.6M gems - compared to other months, where they went as high as 4, 5 or even 6M gems.

Gems? Did you say gems?

Wynn Slots - It's all About the Gems

How do you get free rooms anyway? You bet coins on the slot games. As you bet, you accrue gems. I don't know what accrue means, but Jimmy Poon's accountant daughter told me to say that. I think it means 'get'.

The more you bet, the quicker you - ahem - accrue gems.

Those gems are what you use to trade for reservations at Wynn.

How do you get coins?

The app has various ways for you to obtain coins to play with. There are three ways:
  • you can be granted them as 'gifts', or bonuses for initiatives successfully completed
  • you can win them by playing the games in the app, or participating in various challenges
  • you can purchase them

And now the business model starts to come clear.

You are reminded at every opportunity that you can and should buy coins.

Have I, Commander Flushiepants of Apollo Yo-Leven ever paid for coins? Yes. Yes I have, under particular circumstances that I'll explain in a future article.

How do I Get Started?

It's easy to get rolling. Or spinning, as it were. Just download the app onto your iOS or Android device, start it up, and go at it. As a new player, you're granted some coins to get going, and you get a bonus if you hook up to your Facebook account.

Pick a game, set your bet level, start spinning, and earning gems.

As you get rolling, you'll notice a couple of things. One, gems will accue (wahoo!) very quickly in the early going. Two, you will round out of coins, upon which you will be prompted to purchase.

Now, I'm not the best at this. I have a terrible time about going on tilt and blowing through all my coins. Many others playing this game have - literally - billions of coins.

But I do know one thing - I know how to get coins.

You can do this without ever spending a cent, if you use the right strategies, and if you have solid money management and self control skills - things that are pinned hard in the red on my degenerate meters.

Progressive Jackpots

Many, or even most of the games are hooked up to very rapidly escalating progressive jackpots.
There are three levels of jackpot - Silver, Gold and Platinum. They seem to like these metals as you'll see.

There are also different tiers of progressives, depending on your bet level. For example, while betting 9K per spin, the Platinum progressive might be in the neighborhood of 10M to 50M coins, whereas at 720K per spin, the Platinum might be say 400M coins.

These progressives make it possible to get back in the game even if you are starting from zero coins, as in not enough coins to even do a single spin.

I've done this a number of times. Jimmy Poon calls it bootstrapping. As in computers. As in pulling oneself up by one's bootstraps in an apparent act of levitation.

This platinum jackpot was at 104M for getting nine of the purple JACKPOT symbols. And I got all of 'em!

Tip - Pick up as Many Bonuses as you Can

There are three bonuses that happen on a regular, recurring basis: Silver Chest, Gold Chest, and Wheel Spin.

The Silver Chest bonus happens as soon as every 15 minutes. Can you say obsession material?

As with all the three bonii, the interval starts when you collect a bonus. So if I collect the Silver bonus at 9:00 AM, I can do it again at 9:15 AM.

Let's say I then forget, God forbid, until 10:05 AM. The Silver bonus is waiting for me to collect it, and the next one after that will be at 10:20 AM.

I have a bonus to collect. And only 10 minutes until the Wheel Spin. And 37 minutes for the Gold Chest.

I've got my 3x multiplier active and I'm-a keepin' it.
The Silver Chest bonus is generally under 40K coins.

The Gold Chest bonus (yes, it's more coins than the Silver one) happens every three hours.

The most important one - the Wheel Spin - happens every 12 hours. With this one, you spin a wheel to reveal how many coins you get, generally from 100K to 1M.

Tip - Do the Wheel Spin Every Day

You're rewarded with a bonus multiplier for collecting the Wheel Spin on consecutive days. On day 2, it goes to 2x and on day 3 it goes to... yes, 3x. Good for you.

Why is this good? It triples all the bonuses - including the Wheel Spin. This is a great source of coins.

There's another way to get even bigger multipliers - you can purchase them. You can buy 10x, 30x and 100x multipliers that multiply your bonii for 5 days.

Some people have reported success with this, but only if they were willing to commit to picking up as many bonuses during the 5 day period.

I don't recommend spending cash on these multipliers.

Tip - Play the Events and get Scratchers

Scratch cards are the cornerstone (along with the bonuses) of how to build your bankroll in the game.

There are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum scratch cards that pay coins. So how do you get them?

Four times a day, there are events that have a number of goals. Complete a goal and you get a scratch card. Complete all the goals in the time given and you get an extra scratch card. Sometimes this one's Platinum.

The best are Gold and Platinum, for obvious reasons. Gold scratchers pay one of 3M, 5M, 8M and 12M coins. The Platinum ones pay one of 12M, 18M, 24M and 40M coins.

The kinds of goals are things like:
  • Win Free Games n times e.g. 3 times or 4 times
  • Play nnn spins on any game e.g. 500 or 700 spins
  • Win nnn coins on a single spin e.g. 3.4M or 5M
  • Play n battles
  • Win n battles
  • Win nnn,nnn, nnn total coins e.g. 80,000,000 or 200,000,000

Tip - When you Win a Scratcher, Get Busy Scratching

The Events happen at the same times each day. I think this varies depending on your time zone, but I could be wrong.

More importantly, they also end at certain times. There's always a countdown on the main screen so you can see how long you have to complete the goals.

Here's the important part - if you complete a goal, and you don't do your scratcher right away, and the event ends, you are SOL. That means shit out-of-luck. As in hosed. Screwed. Buggered. Pooched.
So my strategy on this is to collect them as soon as I can.

Wait, did you say Battles?

I most certainly did.

I'll cover this - and a lot more, including some game choice tips, and how to actually get that free room - in the next exciting spin-stallment!


    1. Looks great! Do they comp the resort fees too?

    2. Funny you should ask... It's covered in part 2. The short answer is YES THEY DO!


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