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Monday, August 12, 2019

Wynn Slots App Part 2 - Spin and Wynn for Free

Let's dive a little deeper into the Wynn Slots app, so you can get your own comped rooms at the best resort in Las Vegas. Fortunately this article has a deep end. So dive all you want!

As discussed in the thrilling Part 1, coins keep you spinning, spinning earns you gems, and gems get you the freebies. (Then you get the money, then the power, then etc. etc. etc.)

So the key is to keep your bank account nice and plump with shiny ersatz spondulix.

Credit Gift Notifications

Here's another way credits come into your possession, particularly important when you've gone on tilt and blown through your bankroll.

Allow the Wynn Slots app to send you notifications, and you will find that a few times a week, they'll give you with some credits. All you have to do is go and get 'em.

You can also check your personal Wynn Slots App teeny tiny mailbox for such messages. See it on the screenshot below, down on the bottom row, just to the left of the Always & Forever Event panel? Take your puniest finger and jab the little envelope to open your Inbox and check for goodies. Now you know.


The app has two kinds of tournaments to satisfy your tournament competition needs and desires - and possibly provide you with sweet golden coins.

In the screenshot above, ignoring the Joker, Carmen Miranda, and the fake Tomb Raider chick, cast your peepers to the bottom left.

This little panel indicates that there's a tournament on. And it ends in 3 hours and change. This is the main tournament. It's simple. Spin, win a lot of coins, and you can win coins. All you have to do is play - you don't have to enter and you don't need a ticket, you just get on board.

Tap the corner tournament thingy and you get some instructions, and the leaderboard.

In this Wynn Slots app screenshot, I have 7,857 coins in my bank. Fuck you, Brian, Maureen and Kenneth.
The other kind of tournament is the short mini-tournament. These last 15 minutes, and it's the same deal. You spin away, and you're kept up to date as to your standing in the tournament.

For the most part, I ignore these - but once when I was on a roll, I noticed I was in the top three, so I spun like a dervish bastard for the few minutes remaining, and won a million and a half coins or something.

Unless you have a billion coin bankroll, I'm not sure these are worth much attention.


Ignore the fact that in these screenshots I have 7,857 measley coins. I really do know what I'm doing.

It's part of a new strategy I'm testing. Really. Results are inconclusive.

If you swipe all the way left from the main game selection screen (just beside the turning signal indicator and next to the gear selector lever), you'll see BATTLE MODE.

(You'll also see the High Roller Room. I'm not allowed in there since the unfortunate incident with the faulty container of marbles and the freshly waxed High Roller Room tile floor.)

A battle is a one-on-one video slot jousting tournament. It's pretty simple. You pick the slot you want to play, and then your betting level.

You can choose a betting level that's comfortable to you. There's 200K, 1M, 10M, and Oh God No.

When you tap FIND GAME, Jimmy Poon's equivalent in the Wynn Slots back room matches you with an opponent, and it's game on.

You do 20 spins, and your battle-weary enemy does the same. When the video dust settles, it's winner take all.

I'm not sure what kind of an edge there is to be found in battles, except when they are part of an event that can earn you scratchers. It seems to me to be a 50/50 proposition.

Piggy Bank

It's up to you whether you want to spend money on this app. It's certainly very entertaining, and the rewards are amazing.

As you play, a miniscule portion of your bet goes into your piggy bank. It builds up slowly, and if you need coins, you can break it - for a hard cash price. Like five bucks. ($6.99 CAD for me.)

There's one scenario where I would potentially do this - if I was in a situation where I absolutely positively had to complete some quest or other in order to get that last gem I needed to book a room night, before it was too late or the price went up. It's nice to know it's there.

Booking a Stay at Wynn for Free

Ah, the best part of all this. Just beside the Battle panel on the main screen, you'll see the Earn a Stay at the Wynn panel.

I'd tap that.
Tap this, and you can explore a calendar of dates. Each available day is shown with the price in gems.

As with all such reward programs, they are stronger at first, and as time goes by and popularity increases, the 'price' of things goes up.

Thanks to Goldenknight for the image.
A night at Wynn can cost anywhere from 1.6K gems to 5 or 6K gems. I think the 1.6K price is long gone. I was lucky enough to be going to Vegas in the off-season, August. Most Sunday through Thursday nights were only 1.8K gems, so it was pretty easy for me to get three nights - all in all it took about a month of paying heavy attention to the app. I also cracked the piggy bank a total of five times.

I have no complaints.

Resort Fees

Guess what? There are no resort fees on reward nights booked using your gems! And with a hefty surcharge for resorting of $45 USD plus 13% tax, this can make a huge difference.

There's something you need to keep in mind though. If any of the nights of your stay are paid (i.e. not a reward night, not a comped night) you have to pay the resort fee for all nights.

Example - suppose Jackie Moosereiner has enough gems for two nights at Wynn, but he wants to stay for three. He books his two nights in the app using gems, and then books the third night on the Wynn website. He'd be charged the resort fee for all three nights.

Now, I'm not 100% sure you couldn't just keep the two 'stays' separate and only pay the resort fee on the third night - ping me and let me know if I have it wrong and I'll update accordingly.

Booking Limitations

You can book up to four free nights using gems. You can't book another stay until you either complete your stay at Wynn, or cancel the reservation.

If you cancel, you get your gems back immediately.

Once you've booked, when you go into the Earn a Stay at Wynn thingy, you see your reservation details, and not the booking calendar.

So for planning a second visit, you'll have to get a screenshot of the calendar from a friend, or find one online.

DUDE! You're gettin' a DELL WYNN!
You should know pretty much everything about all the different parts of this great little app by now.

But there's more. Which games you should play. How much you should bet. When you should try for scratchers and when you should back off? When you should hold 'em, when you should fold 'em.

In part three, I'll go over which games I like, and I'll share a couple of well known strategies for building a bankroll - and my secret strategy that I don't think anyone else has discussed.

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      Nice. I like the way you channelled your inner Chambers Brothers.


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