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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Wynn Slots App Part 3 - Secret Strategies to Build a Bankroll

I'm kind of a lone wolf when it comes to the Wynn Slots app. I've wandered from game to game. I've hit the highs with hundreds of millions of coins, and gone broke. I don't worry about it too much. I live by my wits and fight with my thumb.

That's using my thumb, not fighting with it. Important distinction.

Building a Bankroll in the Wynn Slots App

There are a couple of different arcs for building up a bunch of coins (with apologies to Prince Buster).

You can Whine and Grine like a Rough Rough Rider:
  • start with the freebie and bonus coins and spin small
  • work to complete some scratchers and build your bankroll up to where you can complete most of the challenges in the events
  • increase your bets slightly as you go, guarding against losses
  • once you have two hundred or three hundred million coins, you can spin at higher levels during events. For example, you might go for 100K a spin on the Wynn Jackpots game. At 800K a spin, you could do your bankroll a lot of damage
You can use the Balls or Bust method like a Cool Cool Stroker:
  • start with the freebie and bonus coins and spin small
  • work to complete some scratchers and once you have 80 or 100 million coins, play way above your head
  • either hit it big with a lightning strike, or go broke trying
  • rinse and repeat
I've used both of these methods with success, and right now, because I've got my nights booked, and I'm not too worried about the game, I'm experimenting with the Balls or Bust approach.

My biggest problem in the game is getting hooked into playing at a higher bet than my bankroll can support. I lose a bunch in a row, and then try to get them back, chasing. Then I get really pissed off, and try to 'show them who's boss'. Then I hit zero and start collecting 15 minute bonuses all over again.

Now, one of the reasons I'm not too worried is because of my secret strategy - which I'll explain in just a minute. Now let's look at some of the games.

Joker Wheel 7's

This is the simplest game in the app, I think, and I've put in more spins on it than any other game. There's a reason for that - to be explained.

If you need to get a lot of spins in quickly to finish one of those 'complete 500 spins' events, this game is fast, particularly if you play it manually, tapping PLAY, and then tapping STOP as soon as it's active. If you have more time, just auto-spin.

There are no free games in this slot, and one simple bonus - get three Bonus symbols and you get a wheel spin for coins, including a shot at the Silver, Gold and Platinum progressive jackpots.

Dragon Power

This is one of my favorite games, but beware - it can run quite hot when spinning 400K a shot, and then turn on you like just like that, it will Dracarys your ass.

This game is unique in that there are three different bonus features. If you get three or more golden toilet seats (don't ask me what they really are), you get free games, with 8 as the base level. Get more toilet seats, get more games.

If you hit three or more golden khybers during the round, it retriggers additional free games.

The best part of this is the random multiplier that is given for each free spin that wins coins - the multiplier can be as high as 25x. This opens the door for huge hits, and I've managed to have a couple of rounds that netted 40M coins or more.

Alternatively, if you get six blue balls (no wonder you walk funny and need a golden toilet seat), you get the Dragon Power Respin feature. It's basically like Lightning Link, where you have 3 spins to try to fill in more balls. If you get any balls, the count resets to three spins.

It's possible to get balls marked Silver and Gold for the progressive, and if you get all 15 blue balls, you win the Platinum progressive. I've never done it.

One thing I have done, though, and I was wondering if this was even possible - on one spin I got three golden toilet seats AND six blue balls. The game ran the free spins first, and then ran the Dragon Power Respin after that. Very cool.

The third mini bonus is the random flaming power orb feature that doesn't flame anymore for some reason. Basically, the middle reel is populated with three gold balls, usually with elevated values which would apply if you get enough other balls for the Dragon Power Respin.

These gold balls work as wild symbols in the results of your spin, and they also count towards the six balls needed for the Respin bonus.

If you have say 100M coins, this is a good game to try at the 400K level, spinning 25 at a time. Watch it closely. It can be very lucrative, but if it turns on you, it can be really bad. Get out before that happens.

Hung Boi

I generally hate this game. It's eaten me alive. But it's part of a widely circulated strategy which goes like this.

In Hung Boi, you can pay for a bonus round. Buy the 3x bonus for 3M coins. The game used to be really productive this way, but they've cut back on the paybacks. Even so, I've hit some stellar returns on this, can many swear by it as a way of making gems with little risk - as long as you have a big enough bankroll.

Wynn Jackpots

This game... I've won huge on it, and I've played 100 spins without getting a coin. Once I did 500 spins without winning any Free Games. Don't ask me why I did this.

It's a simple 5 reel slot with progressives on various numbers of Jackpot squares, from 5 through 9. Of course, hitting all 9 pays the big bucks.

If you get three Free Spin symbols (which only appear on the three inner reels), you get 10 free games, with possible re-triggers.

Any Jackpot squares you hit stay in play until you hit a minimum of 5 of them. What I alway hope for is when spinning 800K a hand, is to get 4 Jackpost squares which pay 4M coins, and to not get any more until the last spin, when ideally I'd like all 9, thank you very much. You can pound through five or six spins, each paying 4M coins... it's nice.

I use this game when I have an event requiring winning x coins in a single spin. It doesn't always work, but I'll spin at 800K a spin, maybe 4 or 5 times, but that's all. Quite often I've hit five Jackpot squares, which does the trick.

I've blown through hundreds of millions of coins in one sitting doing 2.4M a spin while on mega-tilt. It's ugly.

The game also plays very fast, so it's a go-to if I have to complete a 'win 200M coins' type event and I'm close to the end with limited time left.

Enchanted Manor

This is a fun game that I like to use to get the Free Games needed to complete Event goals and earn a scratcher. Spinning at the minimum, I have done just fine getting those needed Free Games. I also will play this game at medium bet levels for a while to see if I can hit something good.

The game has cool graphics and a Fake Elvira / Halloween / Haunted House / Gargoyle theme.

Randomly, a set of shutters will close over the five reels. And, randomly, the gargoyles above each reel will spread it's leathery wings and light up the reel for opening. When the shutters for each selected reel open, all the symbols in all of those reels will be the same. You can get from 2 through 5 of these. Getting 5 is the goal, because you would have every symbol matching across all the reels. Big money!

This game is eligible for the progressive bonuses, which are triggered when special house symbols appear under the shutters. More houses, higher progressive. I imagine all five reels with houses would trigger the Platinum, but I've never done it.

In this game, pumpkins are wild. You have to get a minimum of symbols matching on three reels left to right to get paid, except for the Elvira symbols, which require only two.

It's definitely possible to make some decent coinage at the lowest bet level.
Free Games are triggered by the enigmatically named Free Games symbol. You need eight of these to get those games. There are no additional multipliers in the free games, but the shutters do come up more often. Retriggers are possible with a minimum of eight Free Games symbols.

Gypsy Riches

Ah yes, Gypsy Bitches, the very simple game with the very complicated bonus round.

This game has a fortune teller theme, and as one might expect, crystal balls are wild. As in the Enchanted Manor game, you need at least three matching symbols across to get paid, except for the Gypsy symbol - of which you need only two.

The bonus round is triggered by getting three or more Gypsy Wagon symbols. Mercifully, it can also appear randomly. This bonus round can be absolutely staggering if you are betting a higher amount.

This game is also my go-to for Battles.

Some of us need 'special' help, aka the 'mercy fuck' bonus.
The bonus round consists of two parts. First, you play eight free games. In those games, crystal balls with pay amounts inside them randomly appear. First, you're paid for the winnings on the spin. Second, if those balls are part of a win, their amounts are added to a kitty (the crystal meter) at the top of the screen.

During the free games retriggers are possible to add more games.

After the base games are done, three additional games are played. You get the kitty amount for every golden crystal ball you get in each game. These are counted up during the three games and paid out at the end. It's very exciting when you have a huge amount in the kitty and you are waiting to see how many times you'll get paid it. It's completely shitty when you get no golden crystal balls at all. It happens.

One thing you might not know - if you get three Gypsy Wagons during this second part of the bonus, three additional spins are added. Presumably four or five wagons would add even more. I have only gotten three in this part of the bonus.

The bonus shown above was particularly shitty. The one below, however, was not.

I had almost 5M coins in the kitty and scored 6 golden balls. There's your next bar pick-up line, lads.

Other Games

I've outlined the games I like above. I have tried a few others with varying results.

Ruby Hunter - weird layout, couldn't get much out of it.

Monkey God - not bad. I enjoyed somewhat when it was part of an Event, but found it hard to get the bonus round.

Mystery Mine - got shafted on this and never played it again.

Tree of Gold - too damn sparkly.

Mammoth Chase - kind of fun. But once I played 1,000 spins without a bonus round.

Wynn Wheel - hate, hate, hate this one. It kicked my ass two out of two times. I won't return!

The rest of the games I haven't even tried, so your mileage may vary!

Royal Flusher's Joker Wheel 7s Bankroll Building Strategy

You've waded through this far, so now I'll reveal my secret strategy. It's pretty simple. On the Wynn Slots app, play the Joker Wheel 7s game at 9,000 coins a spin.

Any time I am starting from scratch with no coins, I do this:

  • get the timed bonuses (15 minute, 3 hour, wheel spin)
  • any coins I get, auto-spin Joker Wheel 7s at 9,000 a spin
  • wait for the big wins
  • play for scratch cards
  • start to play bigger to build bankroll, but generally stick to 9,000 a spin on this game in between events

There are a number of reasons why this works. The volatility of this game is extremely low. You can potentially last for 1,000 spins on 1M coins. Secondly, the Bonus spins come up way, way more often at the lowest bet level.

And thirdly, and most important, the 9,000 bet qualifies your for Gold and Platinum progressives that can be huge money. In fact, sometimes there are what may be glitches... one morning I got up and the Platinum progressive at the 9,000 bet level was at 400M and rising fast. It went OVER 1 BILLION while I was trying to get it.

With enough spins, I can hit the Platinum pretty much daily. The Gold comes in from time to time too, a little more often. The Silver hits all the time. And there's always the opportunity for big multiplier spins.

Here are some examples in a test run I did yesterday. I started with a few hundred coins. Then I picked up three or four 15 minute bonuses and played them out. Then I won enough to keep spinning. This took only an hour and a half or so.

After this, I qualified for a scratcher which paid 12M. I finished up with 20M coins to play.

Don't Forget to Play for Gems

Gems are the whole point of spinning, so you really must play at higher bet levels to earn them. Use the low bet spins to get going, and then take your chances. Monitor how you're doing, and don't play over your head.

Sometimes, even at 720K a spin, magic can happen. Below, my biggest win on the game so far:

Hope you enjoyed these articles on the Wynn Slots app, and hope you can earn some free nights.

I'll be live-blogging my next trip to Las Vegas, which starts in two days, on Friday August 16th - the Apollo Yo-Leven mission.

I'd love it if you followed along!

Happy Spinning!


    1. Thanks for the tips, I've already hit a Platinum JP on the Joker Wheel for 59M!!! Looking forward to reading about your Vegas trip! Good luck to you!

    2. Thanks for the articles Flushie. Bon voyage for tomorrow!

    3. Love all the tips on the Wynn Slots app! Do you know if the free nights are good for locals? We just moved to Vegas 3 months ago, but we'd love to spend a night or two at Wynn. Looking forward to following you as always on your next Vegas adventure!


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