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Sunday, September 15, 2019

Apollo Yo-Leven Post-Trip Reckoning and Accounting Spin

Let's cut to the chase. This trip was not a winning trip. That is, if you measure my bankroll before the trip and after the trip. However... this trip was a huge success in so many ways.

First of all, I was the first man to land on the Moonar surface, and catch a Lyft there as well.

Secondly, I had an absolute blast.

Thirdly, I managed to keep the live posting going during the trip without falling behind.

Finally, the total cost of the trip came with a huge discount, based on comps, freeplay, and goodies.

The most amazing thing of this trip was the continued, improbable, and ridiculous good luck I had with video keno. I felt like I was doing something illegal, winning that often.

Just remember, the house edge on video keno starts at 95% goes down, way down, from there. Video keno is a terrible game, and you shouldn't play it.

I left one thing hanging in one of the posts about Luxor - I spotted a guy with a 6" hunting knife in a cheap, plastic sheath strapped to his belt, hanging in plain view. I stopped by the security desk and let them know. Because, you should always use a leather sheath.

Now, let's look at hard expenses first.

The biggest expense item was gambling, from which I sustained a $900 loss. I have ways of making this look much, much better. Keep reading.

Apollo Yo-Leven Expense Item Cost
Airfare $134
Rouge Plus Upgrade $334
Lyft (5 rides) $66
MostSim $34
Wynn Slots $26
Bar tips $5
Buffalo Trace $15
Tips $14
Amazon Prime $47
Tips $8
Car Rental $151
BTS Korean $20
KJ Kitchen lunch $10
Tips $10
Tacos El Gordo $15
Tips $4
White Castle $9
Tips $6
Tips $14
Tips $15
Starbucks airport $10
VIA $90
Total $1,037

And now, let's look at the comp side.

Apollo Yo-Leven Comp Value
Luxor Suite 4 nights $689
Luxor FP $75
Luxor Food ($100) $100
Magnolias CTUG $14
Cal Noodle House points $15
FQ Freeplay $60
Wynn 3 nights (Wynn Slots) $592
MSS Freeplay $20
MSS Buffet $16.00
Cal 3 nights $180.00
Cal MSC Korean Rib $17.00
Magnolias CTUG $14.00
Fremont Buffet $16.00
Tournament dinner $15.00
Luxor Suite 2 nights $344
Luxor FP $75
Luxor Food ($100) $100
Cal Hawaiian Hamburg Steak $14
Breakfast Buffet $18
Total $2,374

So, the total out of pocket cost for this trip was $1,937.

Total comps received was $2,374.

Let's unpack this a bit and look at some fun facts.

  • For a 12 night trip, my total cost for accomodations was $27. This is why I can't afford to vacation anywhere but Las Vegas.
  • For a 12 night trip, I paid for four meals. Four. One, two, three four. The rest were comped.
  • Gambling cost $75 per day. We have a rough historical average of $150 to $175 each day. This is why I can't afford new shoes.
  • Total value of the trip was $4,311 (costs plus comps plus gambling loss). Why did I include gambling loss? Because that's my entertainment and it lasts all day and night every day and night. More or less. Based on all that, I got this trip at a 45% discount - even more if you were to look at the full rack rate that first time Vegaser Gawking Johnny Fannypack and his wife Idawana Nofun would have had to pay for the 6 nights in a suite, and the 3 nights at Wynn.

Thanks to all of you for reading along and thank you to the generous folks who donate to keep the blog rolling. It takes about three hours a day to keep up with a live trip report, and it's nice to see that people value it that much so as to contribute to the upkeep of the HTML and JavaScope and MySpace Server RAM crap that Jimmy Poon keeps a-hummin'.

So what's next for Royal Flusher and the Quad Queen?

I can't tell you. But it's going to be fun.

Stay savvy, and remember, where there are credits, there are hope.


    1. Thanks for the wrap-up, Flusher. During the trip you indicated that there still are some (relatively) "good" video keno pay schedules but you have to look for them. What are the key numbers you look for (i.e., what does a good video keno pay schedule look like)?

      I know I'm not supposed to play this game. And I won't. Just asking for a friend.

      1. Wizard of Odds has some good info and a comparison of various paytables.

      2. Also, see

    2. For the comp savy who may get nothing.


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