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Monday, September 2, 2019

Liftoff From The Moonar Surface

Surprisingly, I was really prepared to leave the Moonar Surface the next morning. I'm not good at leaving early in the morning. But I prepped the Little Giant, laid out my clothes like Mom used to on the first day of school, and ran through some scenarios.

"Okay, I'm lying in bed, I wake up and... what?"

I got up out of bed and strolled into the living room, up to the wet bar.

"I start the Little Giant. That's even before having a crater in the Sea of Futility".

I walked to the bathroom and made the motions to do my needful, take mind-bending meds, brush my teeth etc.

"After that I carry my stuff from the bathroom to the suitcase, and get dressed. I dump my other clothes in the bag wherever there's room."

Shoes on, dressed, I progressed over to the coffee maker.

"Little Giant should be done by now..." I pretended to take sips of incredibly delicious, fresh, hot Moon coffee.

"Clean the L.G., dry it, stow it... back to the bedroom, pack the CPAP, button up, then do the safe and final room to room sweep and check for stragglers.

Man, I had this down.

My nine different alarms woke me right on time and everything went pretty flawlessly. I even had an extra few minutes to take a look at the news for any world disasters that could affect flying, and check flight status. Everything looked A-OK.

And with that, I buttoned up the hatch on the Kegel and bid Moon Vegas goodbye. One punch of the Big Red Button and the single lift-off rocket on the lander fired, lifting the capsule of the Kegel off the moon, and leaving the base of the lander with its descent rocket spent lonely and abandoned on the surface.

Kegel blasting off the Moon. Goodbye, Futility Base!
Once again, the room bill had been satisfactory - $0.00. Thank you Luxor and MGM Resorts.

Once the Kegel was in orbit around the moon, I performed a perfectly executed docking maneuver to re-join with British Columbia, the Command Module that would land me safely on Earth after a fiery re-entry.

After about four days, we docked at Space Station X-AL, where I prepared for the five hour re-entry flight. I had done my last gambling back at McCarran, losing $16. No airport heroics once again.

I got access to the Maple Leaf Lounge but it was crappy. Small, crowded, and hardly anything to eat, notwithstanding the supermarket pyramid display of pre-shelled hard boiled eggs. Seriously, what the cluck???

Astute and attractive readers of this blog will recall that my original flight from Toronto to Flusherville was canceled, and also that, from time to time, I have had issues with Air FU Canada.

Well, I didn't relish a four hour wait in Pearson with my little hopper flight to Flusherville as the last way out of Dodge for the night. So, the night before, I booked a train ticket on VIA. Because I flew on points, I didn't care if I ditched the last leg and took the more reliable train.

The flight from X-AL to Pearson was uneventful. Once I confirmed that my train was ready to roll and not delayed or anything, I let Air FU Canada know that I was ditching their stupid flight to Flusherville. While on the UP Express to Union Station I giggled with glee as email notifications started to roll in about my flight being delayed until nearly midnight.

I'd have a nice, uneventful, on-time ride on VIA and get to Flusherville without any drama and nothing out of the ordinary.

Or would I?

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