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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Secret Agent Double or Nothing Flushiepants

Open Channel D.

Royal Flusher reporting in using a heavily encrypted secure connection.

So here's the thing. The good news is that the Quad Queen and I are currently in Las Vegas. The bad news is that I'm not going to blog it live.

I decided to take that off of my plate and just enjoy the trip. It's fun to blog live but it kills 2-3 hours every morning and takes my attention away from enjoying myself and living in the moment.

However, it's pretty easy to tweet things and it seems a shame not to share some of that photographic goodness with you.

I'll take notes and lots of pictures and when it's wrapped, I'll write up The Spy Who Felted Me trip report.

But while I'm here, I just want to relax and spend time with the Quad Queen. No meetups for drinks or awards ceremonies or 'Sit on Flusher's Knee' photo sessions.

Follow me on Twitter and I'll share a few live goodies that way over the next... how many days?

It's a secret dammit!

A note from Jimmy Poon, web-mistress and tech wizard of the blog

Royal says that the ads on the blog, although pretty, can get bothersome and tedious. So, I've removed a couple of the most annoying ad types, and reduced overall the number of ads.

At the same time, we're trying something new to help cover the admin costs of running the site to make it easier to support us. Let's see how it goes, and maybe we can reduce ads further if we get a few cups of coffee out of our savvy readers.

You'll see the little button for a coffee or whatever on the sidebar of the desktop site, and at the bottom of posts.


    1. Have a great time young man. however, when the royal rolls in, lands upon you and you yell like a little girl......perhaps a post will be in order....


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