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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

A Host of Vegasy Angels

Las Vegas can have weather in December, and today was no exception. There was sunny, bright weather, a welcome change from the weatherless Flusherville, cold, dark, and lonely.

Day 3

All the traveling cobwebs were gone and replaced with new Vegas hangover cobwebs - but that's to be expected when a Secret Double or Nothing spy is on the prowl.

Egon Mukx seems to be big on electric rockets or some shit, so it seemed like a good plan to do a surveillance around the Fremont Street Experience.

But first, the business of morning activities in our Luxor suite!

I'm sure by now you know roughly what breakfast was - punishment blueberries and yogurt. Because I had gambled poorly the day before, I was not allowed an unhealthy breakfast. And because I was tardy, I did not get Fruit. Cup.

Shorty McSparkface worked brilliantly again, and also declined to set the hotel ablaze, always a plus in a cheap Chinese-made travel kettle. Filter-with-ears coffee was delish, and I'm told that the tea was delightful by the Quad Queen.

Our plan was to play some at Luxor, and here is the photographic evidence.

It's always the same thing. We play video poker. Quad Queen gets the quads. I get four-to-a-royal and ditch in a fountain of spray and mud at 90 miles an hour.

Once again, video poker, I gave you a chance! On to Dr. keNo.

Well, well, well - my old five-legged friend.
YES! A sweet loaded up five out of five for - errm - ah - MANY nickels. Jimmy Poon tells me that I can convert nickels into dollars by dividing by 20. But I think it's easier to take them to the Flusherville Mighty Dollar store and let them figure it out.

We tried some triple play Slutty Times Pay in the High Limit room and I at least got something with a 10 times spinner. There is literally nothing worse in the world than getting nothing with a 10 times spinner Even overuse of the word literally doesn't compare.

The Quad Queen nailed an inside draw for a straight flush, and knocked that off her trip bingo card early.

Aurora bar. Meant to look like an Aurora. I think it looks like an Aurora Barealis. Heh heh.
 Sometimes it pays to look up. You see ceilings, beams and other cool shit.

The plan was to head downtown, by way of Excalibur, and the WAX bus. Nobody would expect a spy on the bus, after all.

And in fact, in general we intended to do a lot of play downtown, even when we weren't staying down there.

At Excalibur, I revisited the Machine of Triumph that had paid me $750 on my last day. I put in about as much as I got out this time, with just this one hit.

I also got the Quad Queen to try Qeno - she picks unlucky numbers, is impatient, and is easily bored by incredibly boring things like Qeno. She lasted about half a $20 bill. She won nothing.

Sub-optimal choosing of lucky numbers leads to disastrous Keno play.
It was quite cold outside, but clear and sunny, with the bluest sky you ever did see, just like heaven.

New York Squared looked pretty good in the sun.

And as we waited for the bus, a host of angels descended from the sky down to the walkway.

Maybe they were Angels of Luck, or maybe they were just showing their butts to get more photo customers. Who knows?

We nailed the timing for the WAX and 20 minutes later, we found ourselves immersed in the loving pungent scent of downtown Las Vegas.

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    1. I tried to play some Video Keno as I understand the jackpots are a little easier to hit but it was so boring.


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