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Sunday, January 5, 2020

Dr. keNo

My spy headquarters, IAM 5, had not heard from Commander Hardways in three weeks. Who else was sinister enough to cause his disappearance than... Dr. keNo!

I figured I could take out Dr. keNo and blow up his secret lair, and I'd do it 12 nickels at a time. Because Double or Nothing Spy.

Day 2 part 2

I turned my $75 freeplay into $135. I was playing a weird sort of a way ticket with a total of 7 numbers.

After choosing 7 lucky numbers to work with, I divided them into three groups of 2 numbers, and one king number. Then I set up different cards for each of a group of 7, a group of 6, three groups of 5 and three groups of 4.

I bet two nickels on the 7 spot, three on the 6 spot, two on one of the fives for some reason, and one on the rest of the cards.

In the pic above this one, I hit 6 out of 7. But the numbers didn't fall right and I didn't hit the six out of six. It could have been way more, and way, way, way more if I'd gotten that 7th number - a total just under $1200 for hitting all the cards.

The Keno player's lament - if I'd gotten that one last number...

Meanwhile, in the High Limit room, QQ was getting her ass qicked.

But I got my first quad of the trip and my first four-to-a-royal draw.

Naturally, the four-to-a-royal draw was a hard fail.

I got whomped. Fine video poker, if that's the way you're going to be this trip... I know I said I'd play you a lot more, but goddamn it.

Meantime, we played around Luxor for the afternoon, with lots of Dr. keNo.

I still had visitation rights with Mrs. F. in the High Limit room, where they pour a decent drink.

See what I mean?

Floor drink on the right. High Limit room drink on the left.

We wanted to grab something to eat, so we checked out the menu at the Pyramid Cafe. And you know what? It just wasn't that inviting. Everything was a twist on this or an elevated that. We just wanted good, simple food.

So we wandered around, up to the food court.

Now, my dining plans included a meal at Diablo's Cantina.

Diablo's was shut down in a major way. It wasn't clear if they are closed for good, or just for a major clean-a-thon.

Fortunately, I had a backup plan. Two burritos is one, one burritos is none, as they say in the Secret Servix.

Anyway, we started at Pyramid Cafe, looked over the menu at the podium, cancelled that, went to the food court, cancelled that, went to the Backstage Deli, cancelled that (although I did scarf some room camping condiment packages including real Mayo).

The deli has all these fucked up sandwich names such that you can't tell what they are.  Would you rather order a Simon Says, a Jawbreaker, or an Ahh Pluck It?

It's like... Pigs in a Poke. Aioli bacon, jalapeno ham with truffled avocado jam, artisanal parmesan this and fuck you that.

"The Pigs in a Poke - what is it actually?"

"Oh it's ham and cheese."

So yeah, we cancelled on the deli.

So what did we do? We went back up to the suite. And we made wraps again. And ate them. And you know what?

They were great.

"My wrap is called a Short Sheeted. What's yours called?"

"Mine's called an Are We There Yet."

We had some more drinks and hung out relaxing in the suite for a while.

The Quad Queen had asked me 'what do you want out of this trip?'

I thought about it and answered 'I want it to be boring. Uneventful. Relaxing. I've had it with stress.' Yup, I wanted the Boring Trip.

But being a spy and all, that wasn't all too likely.

The Quad Queen continued to rest and I went back to the casino.

You know how gambling is. I lost most of my stake, won most of it back, visited the Quad Queen in the suite, and then headed out to Hussong's, all happy that I'd gotten my stake back.

I had the Carne Asada (Skirt Steak, Chimichurri Sauce, Mushroom, Potato and Chorizo Ragu, Rice, Refried Beans, Grilled Flour Tortilla - $24) and it was excellent.

After dinner, I jumped from machine to machine, taking small wins. It was going great!

But then I played a lot of video poker and lost a couple of hundred bucks. Yeah, it went badly.

And then I went on stupid tilt, playing for 45 minutes on stupid buffalo before I got a single bonus, and then it was worth like $1.60 or something.

All of a sudden I'd lost most of my stake. I was pissed.

Because I like winning.

I still had a mission to accomplish, a rendezvous to pick up whatever secret espionage message might be in the dead drop located near Johnny Rockets in the food court.

While retrieving it, my cover was to purchase a cheeseburger and fries, purportedly for the Quad Queen's dinner.

I was so pissed off that even though I'd eaten comped dinner at Hussong's just 90 minutes earlier - I ordered a comped cheeseburger for myself.

For some unknown reason, the Johnny Rockets personnel festooned all over my order with an avalanche of ketchup packets. There were 15 of them.

Of course back in the suite, I had to spill the beans along with the Heinz. I made loud noises, waved my arms, fussed, cried, cursed and so on for about 90 seconds.

And then I ate my entire comped cheeseburger to get back at Luxor.

And you know what?

I loved every bite of it.

Day 2Result
Royal Flusher-$300
Quad Queen-$220
Combined Total-$520

Trip So FarResult
Royal Flusher-$410
Quad Queen-$300
Combined Total-$710

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    1. The HL triple play the quad queen was on has been very lucky for me. DEALT the royal! And the single line STP next to it...4X RF for $16K. Hope to hear that her luck was similar before the trip ended ;-)


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