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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Freeplay is a Girl's Best Friend

The first thing an undercover operative, such as Double or Nothing Agent Flushiepants, should do when running covert ops, is plaster the city with slightly hidden Official Lucky Business Cards.

Day 3 part 2

The WAX bus let us off just a few steps from a great spot to dump a card. I slipped it carefully into view behind the STAIR No 1 sign and then disappeared as stealthily as I'd arrived (on the bus).

For once we had a solid plan to eat real actual casino food. Our destination? Chicago Brewing Company at the Four Queens.

First step, make oneself comfortable at the bar, and then commence to play some video poker.

Good thing I ordered the small size beer.. That's an All Nighter, made with the finest two-row pale and imported munich barleys. I'm guessing.
We both had a bit of freeplay, $20 each. One always hopes one will win on freeplay, there's really nothing better when it comes to machine play. Zero risk, total reward.

As usual, the service was great at Chicago. Nobody even blinked an eye when I meekly requested s shot of Maker's as a chaser for my GIANT BEER.

I burned through my freeplay, and a twenty or two besides. The Quad Queen was still chugging along when we ordered lunch. Ah the joys of eating freshly made pizza while you play video poker! It's really so fucking great! (How fucking great? SO fucking great!)

If you haven't had barside pizza at the Four Queens while gambling, you really ought to. Even better if you have some comp dollars to burn, or a 2-4-1 coupon.

I suppose it's only fair dinkum to point out that they did kind of make a booboo on the Quad Queen's order. She wanted green olives, not black. Apparently there is surplus of black olives in the kitchen.

She made up for it by getting quad 7s on her freeplay. And she played on! The freeplay had wings!

Pizza-boi's dilemma. Should I? Shouldn't I? How many bad guys could a video poker screen possibly have on it anyway, I'm sure it's safe.

With lunch finished, the drinks flowing, me getting my ass kicked with no signs of video poker life, that ole four-to-a-royal thing popped up on the Quad Queen's screen. We've been disappointed so many times, I didn't bother to take a 'before' photo or roll some video. I knew how it would end.

Turned out I was wrong. What do you know? She nailed it! WAHOO!!!

A beautiful Royal Flush in diamonds, from four, while eating comped pizza and drinking comped drinks and from freeplay! And just like that, we were up on the trip, a little bit.

Q: How, I ask you, can it get any better than that?!

A: Slightly fewer black olives.

Lots more to come!


    1. Sausage and black olive is my fav but they need to brown that cheese a bit.

      Yea for the Royal!!

    2. That's my favorite spot at the 4 Queens! It's not always been nice to me but many times it has, including a $5200+ Joker royal. Hope to see another one you hit there :)


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