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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Just for Kicks

That feeling you have when your daily budget is $300 and you just slipped your seventh hundy into the machine. Yeah, that one.

Day 5 part 3

Thing were really not going my way this day, and in spite of a few hits, I'd kind of hit bottom.

Thank goodness on Mr. Seventh Hundy, I came up with a five out of five on video keno. I'd kept it simple playing four cards, five different numbers on each, maxed out, which is a heady 16 nickels a pull. Don't laugh, that's 80 cents.

And with a game going by every 7 seconds, yeah, it does add up.

Here's an 'action shot' that shows the crowd's excitement at my win and generally portrays the electric intensity of the California Hotel and Casino. It is unmatched!

Just about then, Maria walked by and as she approached, I opened my mouth wide, and pointed into it, shouting "UHHHH! UHHHH!" Oddjob style.

She's such a good sport.

"UHHH UHH??? You want an Uhh Uhh Uhhhltra???"

I repeated my pointing and grunting.

"Coming right up!"

Meanwhile, the Quad Queen was working over those 50 cent progressives again. She hit the royal on there quite a few years back now.

It was on the sports book side of the bank, not the craps pit side. Second machine from the left.

A beautiful hand pay royal - so long ago now, and we never hit anything there, and yet, we are drawn back there like moths to a Steelmaster SM-KD 110 Ton Industrial Hydraulic H Frame Press.

Anyway, this was what she managed to hit.

She was liking this single line Double Super Times Slutty Pay. I liked it too, I would have to play more of that.

I played down a lot of my video keno winnings eventually, and managed a second hit.

Pretty fancy-flushipants, eh?
If you do the math (which you won't have to, Ima do that right now) a win of 7282 nickels divided by 20 is $364.10. You can see that I had $369.90 on the meter. That means I was down to my very last ($369.90 - $364.10 = ) $5.80 out of $100 into the machine.

Where there are credits, there are hope! And at this point, I was down only $130 on the day. And I had been down a hair over $600. A pretty good comeback.
Somewhere along the way during her room chillout time, the Quad Queen made lunch out of leftover steak from the previous night's dinner.

Room camping ribeye, bitches!

Before our last bash at casinoing before dinner, we regrouped in the room for cocktail hour.

You can tell when it's cocktail hour by looking at the clock. If it has a time on it, it's cocktail hour. If it doesn't, it's your call. I know what mine is.

So we chilled in the room and had a blast in a cup. Our room was two doors down from the ice machine, so it made it super convenient to get loaded.

The plan was to play at Main Street Station, so that's what we did. We walked over and bumped into Jennifer ("Do it! Do it!"). Always nice to see her over there.

We started with some multiplay video poker, and again, it just wasn't for me. I gave it a few twenties and then went off in hunt of superior video keno paytables.

I found a nice upright and went at it. Good paytable, but quarters, four cards only. I set up four groups of five for a quarter a card and went at it.

The pic above isn't anything special. I took it for a reason, but I don't know what that might be.

The 5-spot pays 3352 with 4 quarters bet. The 6-spot pays 6640. With 1 quarter bet, they pay 838 and 1660 respectively.

This is a whole hell of a lot better than some of the other games I've seen with 750 and 1500. Anyway, you know what? You still have to actually hit the numbers for it to make a difference.

And I wasn't. I was wilting.

Fortunately, I had sent for life-sustaining supplies to be delivered to me forthwith.

The Quad Queen had moved to some nearby slant tops while I was hanging my fate on video keno:

She continued to do just fine - losing but staying afloat - I didn't.

It was pretty bad for me. I basically didn't hit anything throughout the rest of the night.

I made use of the MENS room. This is where you can find many MENS shaking their shmekel. I was wondering where the missing apostrophe had gone.

I found it on the menu at the Redwood Steakhouse.

Yes, again the kiosk game thingy that we still didn't understand had forked over enough food comps to cover a beautiful dinner. It was a good deal - they gave up $48 worth of ingredients for my $700.

I started with the BLT wedge salad. It is unbelievably delicious.

I noticed a guy with a strange affliction.

"Hey, QQ - that guy over there - his balls are flashing!"

And they were. Proud man to wear his set of balls around his neck like that.

Mr. Balls, I'd like you to meet Mrs. Side Eye
Alaskan King Crab - compare that to what was served at Tender a few posts back.

It came with a vat o' butter for the legs to go swimming in.

I had a new scallop and shrimp dish. It was excellent. The scallops were cooked perfectly.

And for dessert, cheesecake. Except I was too full to eat any more than a couple of bites. Into a box it went, destined for the room camping larder upstairs.

Day 5Result
Royal Flusher$-700
Quad Queen$-300
Combined Total$-1,000

Trip So FarResult
Royal Flusher$-240
Quad Queen$830
Combined Total$590

We do this just for kicks.


    1. Oh Mr. Fancypants bragging about your fancy Crab Legs & Scallops dinner and fancy side eye friends. When are we going to see some real hunkering down .60 penny winning Beefalo play or at least some hi quality 640 x 480 resolution photos from the girls of fremont doing their extra xmas special street performances.

      1. Hey, some of those girls have crabs too.

        Just remember, we are tech challenged - Jimmy Poon is still using a monochrome amber Amstrad monitor from 1983.


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