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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Just Twenty Dollars

I'd intended to play just $20 in Super Times Pay, but I didn't have a twenty on me. No sweat, I'd just put in a hundred dollar bill, play twenty off the top (or maybe win) and then cash it out at $80. Not a problem.

Day 5 part 2

How many times must I make the same mistake on these same machines???

I played through $100 and didn't get a single multiplier. I'd blown through all my keno profits and was now down about $400 on the day.

This would not do.

So, I played a second hundred. It took forever, but I finally got a multiplier or two, and then a quad. I'd actually recovered a good portion of my first hundy. Do you think that that mattered to me?

Of course it didn't. I finally got something on a decent spinner.

And again.

I got a second quad but no spinner on it. It delayed the inevitable. I'd Lazarused a few times just before getting this.

Having gone all the way from $200 to $000, I clawed my way back up to $150. That wasn't good enough, so I then I clawed my way back down to $000 again.

Meanwhile, thank goodness, I'd been getting some texts from the Quad Queen back at the Cal. She'd started on one end of the 50 cent uprights with the progressive on the royal, playing $20 in each machine. On machine number 6, she started to hit a few things.

Thank goodness somebody was winning. It sure wasn't me. The last of my $200 spun away at the deadly Super Times Slutty Pay.

I grabbed a pic of Circa as I walked back to the Cal. You can really start to see the shape of it. I think it's going to be magnificent and a game changer downtown.

At the Cal, I had to come to grips with the fact that I was now down $500 on the day.

We'd planned our trip with roughly a $300 a day each gambling stake, and on two days, we'd be allowed to go over budget by double, to $600. Experience has taught us that you are going to have winning days, break even days, losing days, and a couple of really bad disaster days.

This day qualified.

The Quad Queen took a break in the room, so I went into my sixth hundred of the day, and managed a hit on video keno.

This provided a decent amount of ammunition with which to reset the carnage level - a really nice $320 hit.

Time for lunch - the Hawaiian Hamburger Steak at the coffee shop to give me the much needed fat and cholesterol to really bring home the sitting around gambling in the last sprint of the day, which was actually half the remaining day, but whatever.

Onward... for a time out in the room to regroup. This could mean napping, but I ain't tellin'.

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